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  1. tRiFFiD

    5GHz WiFi disabled on RT-AC87U

    I realise this is an old router, but it has been working perfectly fine up until 2 days ago. I'm running the last supported version of MerlinWRT and suddenly the 5GHz WiFi network has just disabled itself. I did a factory reset last night and it didn't make any difference, so then I flashed...
  2. Sky

    Solved AC87 vs Gigabit broadband

    Hello, Everyone! I recently upgraded my broadband to gigabit over coax with Comcast (982/35 download/upload) and am seeing some issues. Hopefully wiser minds will point me the right way… I have coax coming into the building from my ISP's branch box about 60' from the modem. When I connect a...
  3. U

    RT-AC87U: 384.13_10 - SHA256 signatures?

    Hi, could someone tell me where I can find the SHA256 signatures for release 384.13_10, please? The release is available, but has no SHA256 signature listed on the official site. Thanks.
  4. triple

    Release ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version (2020/05/06)

    Version 2020/05/06 38.93 MBytes ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version - Fixed CVE-2019-15126 (Kr00k) vulnerability. - Fixed some UI bugs. - Support router certificate export. After import the certificate to the computer you will not see the warning message when...
  5. S

    AISFibre V-Lan and RT-AC87U

    I am now using AISFibre in Thailand and to replace their router with mine, they asked me to set VLan value to 10. I just cannot find any mention of VLan anywhere. Please help.
  6. C

    Pckages sources for opkg

    I have installed Asus Merlin project on my RT-AC87U router. I would lik to install iptables-mod-tee package by using opkg, but got error: Unknown package 'iptables-mod-tee'. Collected errors: * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package iptables-mod-tee. Command opkg update brings result...
  7. B

    Asus RT-AC87U reboots randomly

    Hi members, I'm looking for some help and found this forum. So excuse me if I'm saying dumb stuff. Like I said, I'm looking for help with my Asus RT-AC87U router. I've set it up in AP-mode. But for some reason it is rebooting randomly and i don't know why. I was using Merlin fw before and...
  8. T

    [RT-AC87U] Missing clients in client list, + more issues.

    Hi On my RT-AC87U, some wifi connected deviced are not showing in the client list. For instance a sonos speaker currently playing music stored on a Synology NAS connected with ethernet LAN is not showing in the list. Also, when watching the list, it keeps reloading showing a various number of...
  9. N

    Merlin OVPN Client leaks DNS requests

    Hello all, new here so if I'm in the wrong place, please point me in the right direction. I recently flashed my RT-AC87U with 384.13_2. I imported an .ovpn file, setup the client, and connected to the VPN successfully. However, ipleak.net and dnsleaktest.com both show that there is a clear DNS...
  10. triple

    ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version (2019/11/20)

    Version 2019/11/20 42.53 MBytes ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version - Fixed Let's encrypt register issues. - Fixed Network map client list issues. - Fixed OpenVPN related bugs. - Fixed schedule reboot bugs. - Improved system stability. - Fixed dual wan failover...
  11. triple

    ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version (2019/11/06)

    Version 2019/11/06 42.29 MBytes ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version - Fix a DDoS vulnerability. Please unzip the firmware file first then check the MD5 code. MD5: eaea330e6727c72d5982f71ded71e2a6 https://www.asus.com/de/Networking/RTAC87U/HelpDesk_Download/...
  12. R

    RT-AC87U blocking ftp connections to WAN

    I have two RT-AC87U routers running Merlin 384.13. They are both blocking all ftp connections (from my laptop & webcams) to WAN ftp servers in the cloud. Oddly, I also have two RT-AC68U routers running 384.13, configured exactly the same, and they are not blocking ftp connections. I am at a loss...
  13. J

    Strange IP RT-AC87U

    Hi everybody! I have the RT-AC87U with the Merlin Build 384.11_2. But I hace a strange IP : It's the mac of the Wifi 5G : It's normal ?
  14. J

    Settings question for RT-AC87U

    I've just gone from the factory firmware to 11.2 and have a couple of questions on the settings I was hoping people could help me with, note I did a reset to factory defaults... Is there any way to load in an exported Client list, as I only see an Export button (do I have to type all the names...
  15. triple

    ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware Version

    2019/05/13 42.29 MBytes ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version Security Fix - Fixed DDoS vulnerability. - Fixed AiCloud vulnerability. Thanks for Matt Cundari's contribution. - Fixed command injection vulnerability. Thanks for S1mba Lu's contribution. - Fixed buffer overflow...
  16. L

    Asus RT-AC87U Firmware V.384.10_2 Missing IP's and Strange IP's

    RE: RT-AC87U Firmware: 384.10_2 Client List Problems I just updated to V.384.10_2 and I have two (2) problems: Unusual IP for Router: It shows for the Asus Router the IP of (with is typically a local Private IP). I would think it would show the IP of Previous...
  17. B

    What’s the best router for VPN speeds?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been using ASUS Merlin for quite a while and it’s awesome. I’ve currently got an 87U and it’s a great router the only issue I have with it is the speed of the VPN. I get roughly 50Mb max. I’ve read that the 86U would allow me to achieve over 200Mb on a vpn connection. Is this...
  18. T

    RT-AC87u firmware:384.9 - strange device on device list

    Hi, and thank you very much for yours fantastic job, After updating to 384.9 firmware , i have a strange device connected to my router, Edited - images don't show up ASUS 1C:B7:2C:C0:F4:F4 digging a bit the same device show up in ssh client, "ifconfig"...
  19. B

    Diversion not starting after reboot

    RT-AC87U on 384.9. Diversion 4.0.7 I've got weekly reboots of the router enabled. Ever since updating to 384.9, Diversion+pixelserv will not start up after the reboot. If I ssh to the router, launch diversion, and then enable it, it works just fine for another week. already tried a force...
  20. B

    AC-RT87U - questions on connecting a powered wifi booster

    Hi everyone, I really love this router - I've had it for a few years now and it has been absolutely rock solid. I'm running Merlin's FW on it as well. I have an old Victorian, brick walled house with a 1st floor. I have a 250MBs fibre optic feed into the house with an unlimited streaming /...