rt-ac88u used refurbished buy

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  1. T

    Best router for a 1Gb WAN + a question about Asus routers

    First post, so hello to all and straight to the point: The situation: -I recently got a 1000/60Mbps connection as an upgrade from 250/50Mbps; -I currently have an Asus RT-AC56u running Merlin 384.6 The router tops out at ~800Mbps for a single machine, less if two or more load it at once. This...
  2. netware5

    Looking For: RT-AC88U (used)

    I am looking for used/refurbished RT-AC88U in good working condition. The FW doesn't matter - it will be flashed immediately with latest Merlin's :) Strongly prefer to be from EU in order to avoid import taxes and customs formalities. Shipping to Bulgaria (preferred), but Austria, Germany, or UK...