rt-ax88u ax6000

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  1. kittmaster

    Help in setting up a GT-AXE11000, RT-AX88U, & 4 RT-AC68U nodes with NAS and AX210 Laptop

    I'm looking for advice on an architecture change/setup. I have a Synology NAS DS918+ connected to my "old" 88U aggregated to 2Gbps, my new 88u connected via ethernet to create the 160Mhz for my AX210. All that changes with the new 11000 I just got...
  2. M

    Routing RT-AX88U

    Hello, Could someone help me set up routing table rules on my network The LAN-WAN network looks like this; (Modem from ISP) - (WAN Router ASUS RT-AX88U ( LAN- (WAN Router TP-LINK192.168.7.0) I have various printer devices, cameras etc. connected to ASUS and TP-LINK. Being logged...
  3. M

    Looking full NAND working dump for RT-AX88U (AX 6000)

    Hi, I am looking for full NAND working dump for RT-AX88U (AX 6000). The router has been bricked during the update. and it is not loading image from the NAND. BTRM V1.6...
  4. C

    Multiple Subnets and SSID for home business

    Hi, I run a home office and want to separate my devices in a simplified way with a mesh system. Large 2 story house with an office up front and workshop out back. Current setup is one Broadband wifi router downstairs providing wifi to home users and fixed wired network to my work desktop and...