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  1. Skeptical.me

    Possible intrusion?

    Hi, I woke up this morning and logged on to my iMac and the browser was open with the RT-AX88U's (Merlin) page open. It stated that to login to the page I had to sign out of another logged-in session elsewhere. But I wasn't logged into any other session. Does this mean someone connected to my...
  2. S

    RT-AX88U - Internet status: disconnected

    Hello, For more than 8 months, I have had an Asus RT-AX88U router connected to my ISP router (bridge mode). The problem is that this Asus router works for a few days or even a few weeks and then, for no apparent reason, loses connection to the Internet. On the web configuration page, the status...
  3. Aikinai

    CloudFlare Warp+ for RT-AC86U (or RT-AX88U)

    I just set up my RT-AC86U with Warp+ from CloudFlare and thought I'd share how in case anyone else is interested. This is only for RT-AC86U (and RT-AX88U I assume though haven't tested) since it relies on the experimental WireGuard posted by @Odkrys. Here are the setup instructions: Sign up for...
  4. J

    Intermittent DNS failure? Dnsmasq hanging? 384.19 on RT-AX88U

    Hi all, I've had my AX88U setup running well for several months (Diversion, SkyNet, YazFi, etc.). The issue below seemed to start occurring when I recently upgraded to 384.19. I've tried various logs/troubleshooting and can't figure out the root cause. Basically the router appears to...
  5. zacofunny

    [RT-AX88U] Issue with WiFi while using Link Aggregation

    Hi. I'm experiencing issue while using LAN Link Aggregation. The problem is that WiFi stops work properly, i.e. both the networks 2.4G and 5G are visible for clients, however router doesn't accept clients during authorization. Sometimes everything works with no issues until another restart...
  6. K

    RT-AX88U as reliable as RT-AC68U?

    My RT-AC68U (with Merlin) has been incredibly stable and reliable for the past three or four years :) For the upcoming switch to gigabit service, I am looking to upgrade to the RT-AX88U which seems very capable and also supporting the next-gen WiFi standard. I have been trying to get a feeling...
  7. SR-71

    RT-AX58U/AX3000 vs. RT-AX88U for medium-sized house?

    Hello good people, would appreciate all thoughts pro and con here. Just bought the RT-AX3000 for a 2000-2300 sq. ft., long rectangular rambler/ranch-style home (router is in the finished basement near the middle because that’s where the cable internet feed was installed previously). Am...
  8. G

    RT-AX88U OpenVPN issue

    Hello everybody, Can anybody help me with a problem? I have 2 Asus routers: RT-AX88U as a OpenVPN server (TAP) and a RT-AC88U as a OpenVPN client. Both routers have firmware 384.17. With the original Asuswrt firmware I have the same behavior. I need a TAP connection to connect all the TVs from...
  9. M

    Asus RT-AX88U - USB Harddrive

    Hi, I have a RT-AX88U with the latest Merlin firmware (384.17) and have a harddrive connected to the USB, after a restart of the router, the harddrive is discovered and I can use it to read and store data, but after some hours the harddrive is disconnected and I can't reach it anymore. The...
  10. K

    RT-AX89X vs RT-AX88U

    I've been wanting the 89X for a while now but it's been sold out everywhere for over 3 weeks. The 88U is also on my radar and I can find that in stock. I really have no need to the 10G Ethernet or the 10G SFP as I don't run any servers at home. What I do have is a smart home with a lot of...
  11. K

    Sold Out

    Almost all Asus Wifi 6 devices are sold out (amazon, bestbuy, newegg etc etc). I've been doing my research (a lot, like 3-4 weeks of reading article after article) on all the different Wifi 6 devices mainly between Asus, Netgear, and TP-Link. I've finally decided on Asus (particularly the...
  12. M

    ASUS RT-AX88U Firmware version

    Version is out since 2020/03/27 Any one any experience. I have / had several WAN isues, (with ATEMODE=0). Hope some can share experience with latest firmware? QoS does not interest me (AX is fast enough to support my enitre familiy with 20+ devices running and 2 adulst in...
  13. S

    RT-AX88U on 386.16 having MiniDLNA/DNS dropouts

    Good day, I attempted to upgrade my RT-AC68U (99.9% solid) to a RT-AX88U and I keep running into DNS dropping out and MiniDLNA completely crapping out. I've reverted back to my RT-AC68U, but I'll see if anyone has any suggestions. I wanted to upgrade for Wifi 6/AX, my wife's new Iphone...
  14. ScottK83

    Checking for AES-NI use in OpenVPN on RT-AX88U

    Hey guys, First time poster here. Appreciate the valuable info I've found as I have been researching new routers for use with ExpressVPN. I wanted one specifically with hardware encryption/decryption capability and ended up with hardware v1.1 version of the Asus RT-AX88U router, which supports...
  15. B

    RT-AX88U Link Aggregation ?

    Hi, tried to setup link aggregation Prost 3&4 on RT-AC88U with Merlin's script. Is that still supported ? Merlin's Linkagg script throws errors on my router: [email protected]:/jffs/configs# ./LinkAgg 3 4 ./LinkAgg: line 296: robocfg: not found ./LinkAgg: line 296: robocfg: not found...
  16. A

    Solved [SOLVED]Syslog Flooded With "nf_conntrack" Errors, RT-AX88U

    Hello I am completely new here, and i am glad i found this forum and this great firmware. i had stock frimware 3977 before flashing to Merlin, 384.15. so going into the issue im having, basically the log is full of this : Mar 5 11:15:50 kernel: nf_conntrack: expectation table full Mar 5...
  17. LongRangeSkeet

    QOS/AQM on RT-AX88U

    Hello all. I've been looking for a replacement router that primarily has good Active Queue Management features and came across the RT-AX88U. I've used stock firmware on ASUS routers in the past but I do not have any experience with Merlin. I couldn't find any answers to my questions while...
  18. Skeptical.me

    Should I be concerned about this? Merlin/Skynet Security

    My home network has mostly had this set up ... ISP Modem/Router > ASUS RT-AX88U > Devices I've just put the ISP Router in Bridge mode and set up the OpenVPN Server, and I am using it. However, I'm concerned about security now the ASUS is directly exposed to the Internet. I have Skynet...
  19. O

    RT-AX88U Router + ZenWifi XT8 Nodes?

    I already own an RT-AX88U, and use it as the only router in my network. I would like to expand the network and add some wireless nodes using AiMesh. In particular, I'm thinking about a pair of the new ZenWifi XT8 to add as the nodes. Would continuing to use the RT-AX88U as the main ROUTER...
  20. Skeptical.me

    How do I get SFTP working on an ASUS using Merlin?

    Just wondering how I can get SFTP working in my RT-AX88U Merlin 384.14_0?