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  1. ucoms

    Tutorial SFP GPON MGTS ASUS RT-AX89X - Works in 2023 2024

    SFP GPON MGTS ASUS RT-AX89X - Works in 2023 2024 Video: # Instructions for configuring the GPON SFP module for ASUS RT-AX89X 1. Buy a module netmod.ru netmod-SFPXBR2GR together with the SFP module "Green optical Attenuator SC/APC-SC/UPC" in the same netmod store and insert it into Asus But...
  2. R

    ZenWiFi XD6 Guest Network on AiMesh nodes

    Hi, I'm interested in buying some XD6 mesh nodes to extend coverage (I have an RT-AX89X). However, I'm getting conflicting information on whether it supports the "Guest Network on AiMesh node". I have this setting on my AX89X. If someone could please confirm to me that this setting exists on...
  3. M

    Asus RT-AX89X dual band WiFi router stuck on rescue mode

    My Asus RT-AX89X seems to be stuck in rescue mode, I’ve been trying everything I Can but it doesn’t turn on fully, the power light just blinks slowly. I tried uploading firmware and even hard factory reset it still won’t turn on
  4. Nick B

    Adding/Maintaining Support for RT-AX89X in Merlin (from One Dev to Another)

    Hello everyone, This is about me adding support for RT-AX89X. It's primarily addressed to @RMerlin, but if anyone has specific technical details, feel free to jump in and assist in the answering with @RMerlin. That being said, I just want to start with that I'm not just a user. I'm not asking...
  5. A

    AX-89X All Ethernet Ports except 10G-Base T are not wokring

    This morning I woke up to this disaster. At first, I thought my APs are acting weird so I power-cycled the POE switch but no luck. Then I noticed all wired devices except my desktop, which is connected to the 10G-Base T port, are offline. I tried power-cycling the router as well as factory...
  6. D

    RT-AX89X support ?

    I was wondering whether Asuswrt-Merlin would support the RT-AX89X router ? I don't see it on the downloage page, hence my question. Thank you/Merci!
  7. Starrbuck

    RT-AX89X and Smart Connect

    So I've been trying out Smart Connect on my RT-AX89X. Unfortunately, a lot of the settings are not configurable when Smart Connect is on. For example, I would like to be able to choose channels manually and limit the 2.4 band to 20 MHz, among other changes. (I think this may apply to other...
  8. Starrbuck

    Solved GT-AX6000 - Control Channel Auto issues

    So while evaluating an RT-AX89X to go with my new 2 gig Internet service, I am also trying out a GT-AX6000 and noticed an issue. When I set the bandwidth to 20/40/80/160 and have the Control Channel on Auto, it will not go into 160MHz mode. It sets the channel on 153 or 157 usually and stays...
  9. J

    ASUS RT-AX89X QoS issue with self hosted nginx instance

    Whenever I turn on QoS on my AX89X I am no longer able to connect to any websites that I host on an nginx instance internally on my wan using internet facing URLs. I'm using the URLs for the internet so it's doing a DNS lookup to my ip and probably going through the WAN via port forwarding(443)...
  10. C

    Asus RT-AX89x SFP+ slower than 1gig ports, notably so for upload. Anyone still having issues with this?

    I found some threads motioning SFP+ issues with the Asus RT-AX89x but it was a months ago on a closed thread. I just picked this up as I'm getting 2gig internet next week and I've had a 10gig aqtion 107 on my asrock 'creator' motherboard that has never gone past 1gig. I put in a Wiitek rj45...
  11. T

    ASUS AX89X - Google Fiber Support

    I'm fortunate enough to have Google Fiber available and would love it if this router would support 2.5Gbe connections via the SPF+. I plan to email ASUS to request this feature and I'm putting this here to encourage others to do the same.
  12. C

    RT-AX89X SFP+ single mode

    Hey guys, new member here, limited experience in networking. I have a Unifi switch (AGG PRO) with SFP+ ports, a 1gb transceiver for single mode optical cable, single mode BiDi optical cable up to my unit, another 1Gb transceiver into a media converter (1Gb connection) and then a RJ45 Gigabit...
  13. L

    RT-AX89X - what is the "correct" price?

    In Amazon US the price is $411(originally $450) but in German Amazon it cost €695 (≈ $825) - almost exactly twice as much. In both cases it is sold directly by Asus. In UK Amazon it is not even available (at least I can't find it), nor is it available in the Asus Store. Why is this? Delivery...
  14. O

    RT AX89X DNS Issue with Firmware

    I have been having spurious network disconnects with iPad, iPhone, Mac Book Pro, Nest Devices and Wemo IOT devices. I have an RT AX89X with firmware and a GT AC5300 AI Mesh node with firmware connected by Ethernet backhaul. Given the problems got worse...
  15. A

    Beta ASUSWRT Official beta 386-RC1 for RT-AX89X

    Hi There, Here is the official beta of RT-AX89X, we plan to update RT-AX89X to 386 branch soon, and now release candidate is under public sharing. Download link: https://asus-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/p/wilson_deng/EUbQl-1FH5lEi4Zmlb6NFOkBbQzESYMelZ5UGPkNG4qyNg?e=eab0T1 backup...
  16. E

    Which router to add to mesh network?

    Hi I currently live in an apartment with very thick concrete walls, I wired up all the spaces with CAT8. I have been adding routers to each room to get wifi over time and this is my current setup using AIMESH with wired backhaul. I am missing only one room which is wired and is being...
  17. K

    RT-AX89X vs RT-AX88U

    I've been wanting the 89X for a while now but it's been sold out everywhere for over 3 weeks. The 88U is also on my radar and I can find that in stock. I really have no need to the 10G Ethernet or the 10G SFP as I don't run any servers at home. What I do have is a smart home with a lot of...
  18. K

    Sold Out

    Almost all Asus Wifi 6 devices are sold out (amazon, bestbuy, newegg etc etc). I've been doing my research (a lot, like 3-4 weeks of reading article after article) on all the different Wifi 6 devices mainly between Asus, Netgear, and TP-Link. I've finally decided on Asus (particularly the...