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  1. yokuyuki

    [RT-N66U] Router dropping internet connections sporadically throughout the day

    I've been battling an issue that has manifested itself rather suddenly with my old yet reliable ASUS RT-N66U router in that it will sporadically drop internet connections throughout the day. Symptoms Drops for about 1-3 minutes and it'll come back as normal At the start of the outage, upload...
  2. AnnaX

    Assigning static internal IP address for ASUS AiCloud/FTP-application

    Not sure I'm putting this question in the right subforum, so many to chose from. I'm on a Asus RT-N66W (same as RT-N66U, just different colour) with AsusWRT-Merlin firmware. It has a function to work as a FTP server through Asus DDNS (myusername.asuscomm.com) but even though I run a VPN client...
  3. T

    ASUS n66u keeps dropping connection

    So, my router will randomly drop connection throughout the day and it happens several times. I look at the system logs, but have no idea what I'm looking at. I am going to post the logs here, if someone can tell me what is happening to make the connection drop, I would greatly appreciate it...
  4. S

    Upgrade from RT-N66U - Need traffic monitoring

    I've got an RT-N66U that I'm happy with, running Merlin 380.70. What it lacks is useful traffic monitoring and stats. Ideally, I want to be able to see what clients connect to what servers/web-sites, and when they're connecting. Bonus if I can store that data on a USB-drive, so it's persistent...
  5. Skeptical.me

    RT-N66U Can't login to GUI

    Hi, I have an RT-N66U Merlin 380_70 that I've setup and each time I setup the router I can't login to the GUI. I've reset and setup the router 4 times and still I cannot login to the GUI. I'm definitely using the correct login details I set. Has anyone encountered this before?
  6. M

    RT-N66U and DDNS Quit Working?

    Looking for some help on a DDNS issue that's suddenly started. RT-N66U on 380.65_4. DDNS is with FreeDNS and my domain has been working fine for years; I've got my ddns-start script set up, it's been working fine for over 2 years when I bought this RT-N66U. Few days ago I lost access via my...
  7. J

    RT-N66u FW 382 question

    I just bought a used asus RT-n66u router, it has fw: on it, which i see is the latest. Does asus merlin support this firmware? or do i need to downgrade? if so, where can ya get the old FWs? Or if ddwrt supports this? Thanks Joe
  8. LighthammerX

    Setting up an ASUS RT-N66U running Merlin on an existing network

    Greetings, I did some research on this forum and other sites on this topic, so if I am asking information that does exist and I missed, I apologize ahead of time; though this is a fairly esoteric situation. I've been running a server setup running FTP, Emby, HTTP and a few other services over...
  9. A

    Asus RT-N66U H/W B1 - no lights, Wi-Fi signal, lan connection, or wan connection

    Hi, Total newbie here so please forgive me if my situation has been addressed in another post. I searched but could not find a similar thread. I was given an Asus RT-N66U to look at because it looks to be bricked. I connect the original adapter to a power source and the adapter's power LED...
  10. J

    Checking cable modem signal levels through router

    I have an RT-N66U. It's currently running 380.70. I recently bought a Motorola MB8600 cable modem. I cannot seem to load the diagnostic page at My internal network is .0.0 and I can ping the IP fine, but cannot load the web page. If I plug directly into port 2 on the modem and...
  11. K

    Abysmal RT-AC56U performance

    I recently upgraded to a ThinkPad X1 Carbon with AC8265 (2x2 ac) and decided to upgrade my n WiFi router to ac. I have an RT-N66U which worked fine for 5+ years providing an average downlink of 15MBps on 5GHz WiFi n 3m away from the router. I bought a cheap RT-AC56U, thinking it would provide...
  12. L

    Limit/Cap Monthly Data Usage on RT-N66U

    Hi! I have an Asus RT-N66U Router with a cable modem with Asuswrt-merlin 380.70 on it, I need to be able to limit monthly usage to 400 Gigabytes and I was hoping to do that from the GUI/script or somehow. Any ideas? Thanks so much!
  13. B

    Crowded WiFi but small space

    I have a small 2 bedroom apartment facing a courtyard of a rectangular complex. This means we have a ton of WiFi interference. The 2.4 ghz band is completely unusable while 5ghz is usually fine but has its moments where connections stutter (not sure if it is tx and/or rx having issues, but...
  14. F

    Please help me! .ovpn profile not activating with ASUS router

    Hi Guys! I'm new to this forum and require a little help!:) So, I just got HFC NBN connected (TPG Australia) and I purchased a ASUS RT-N66U to set up a few router VPN profiles. I subscribe to Buffered VPN for my services. I've been running desktop client for last 12 months with no issues. the...
  15. n0x0n

    RT-N66U still officially supported

    Hi crowd, I did not find an answer using search, so please forgive me if it has been asked before: The RT-N66U is still officially supported by ASUS, who just released Version a couple of weeks ago. Q: What is / are are the reason(s) that merlin dropped RT-N66U support?
  16. W

    ASUS RT-N66U Cisco AnyConnect Internet Access Issues

    I've had an Asus RT-N66U for a number of years with asuswrt-merlin (currently running latest 380.70). I've always had an internet access issue with my company VPN (they use Cisco AnyConnect) where once I connect to the VPN I can access anything within the company intranet but nothing on the...
  17. B

    Connection Reset with RT-N66U

    Recently I have been facing an issue with connections to specific sites resetting. Most sites works completely fine and throw no errors. Refreshing the page enough times also solves the issue. I first started noticing the issue a couple weeks ago. At the time I was running the latest version...
  18. S

    Ping Latency Issue with Merlin 380.70 on RT-N66U Router- any advice is appreciated

    Hi there! Like the title says, I have an N66U with 380.70 currently on it (latest supported version). Everything is working great (connectivity, range, customization is amazing) except for a ping/latency issue. If I ping google from my PC connected to the router, every 5-10 seconds it spikes to...
  19. H

    "6 clients are connected to RT-N66U through this device"

    Hello! I have been getting this icon in the devices list where it says that multiple clients are connecting to the router through this device. What exactly does this mean? Also this same device that the "clients" are connecting through (an iPhone 6) has been experiencing network downtime for...
  20. F

    [RT-N66U] slow internet speed only on some protocols/servers?

    Greetings! I'm looking for some suggestions on how to diagnose the following problem. I'm on a gigabit internet here (Vancouver, Canada), and I can run speedtests against some servers and get 900/900 mbit/s easily. Then, I try to download a file over http on a server under my control on AWS...