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  1. gspannu

    Save/ Restore DHCP assignments & icons (LAN -> DHCP Server -> Manually Assigned IP)

    I have a ASUS RT-AX88U router that I need to factory reset (for various reasons). On the LAN -> DHCP Server... I have around 20 manually assigned IP addresses and with assigned icons I will lose all these entries as soon as I do a factory reset and will then have to type these in manually...
  2. DominArsen

    Fichier Settings_RT-AC68U.CFG / mot de passe Cassé

    Hello, A first configuration I create a password and a username with keepass (Password manager) I do my configuration of the router Asus RT AC68U. I save my configuration (Settings_RT-AC68U.CFG). I let it run for a few weeks, it's great! I go back to configure .. Several weeks pass,I want to go...
  3. sentinelvdx

    [Question] Save to NAS or USB Traffic Analyzer Data

    Hi, Can't remember, but was there a way to save T.A. data to my NAS or USB drive like we do with syslog? Thanks,
  4. D

    Feature request

    @RMerlin, Is it possible to add an option on the "Restore/Save/Upload Setting" WebGUI tab to save to a USB drive that is connected to the router ?