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  1. M

    Schedule restart fails

    Guys I scheduled my AC86U router to reboot every day by enabling the "Reboot Scheduler" from the Administration tab. For the most part it reboots fine, but every couple of days or so it just won`t start after rebooting. Occasionally it also fails to start after a manual reboot. The lights go...
  2. H

    Activate VPN Client via scheduled task

    Hello, I have installed Merlin yet, but I was curious if it would be possible to activate/deactivate a vpn client through a scheduled task? My reason for needing to do it, is that my ISP sends me a notice every time I use torrent downloading, unless I'm connected through a VPN. So, I have...
  3. Steve M.

    RT-N66U (Merlin Fork) - Schedule Times with Bandwidth Limiter?

    Greetings SNBForums: Is it possible to set the bandwidth limiter on a MAC address according to a time schedule? I have a Satellite Internet connection and from 3am to 8am service is unlimited (19Mbps down / 3Mbps up) and doesn't count against the ISPs metered connection. After that we are...