secondary wan.

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  1. amplatfus

    Solved How to access my Secondary WAN USB (eth8) during stand-by

    Hi, After implemented the solution posted on nearby thread (Solved How to access my ONT from router by @andresmorago), I was wondering is is possible to access the USB Huawei HiLink (used as Secondary WAN while is in standby. I would like this in order to read SMS from that SIM while Secondary...
  2. Kashif Tasneem

    GT AX-11000 Traffic Analyzer for Secondary WAN?

    Hi. I have setup dual WAN as fail over on my AX-11000 router. For last 4 days, my primary WAN is down and secondary WAN is up. Today I noticed that traffic analyzer is not being populated. Is this normal that data is not populated from secondary WAN? Can I do anything to fix it?
  3. amplatfus

    Dual WAN Connected to Secondary WAN but Offline [Solved] [Faulty Dongle]

    Hi, I am trying to configure secondary WAN. My setup is with Load balanced option. I have both WAN connected. As soon as I disconnect the WAN from WAN port (PPPoE) I loose the access to the internet. The USB Stick WAN is connected and I can still bing the Gateway and the USB 3 WAN IP. I am on...