selective routing

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    Mi Router AX1800 - Selective Routing / Policy Routing

    Hi, (1st post) I have a Mi Router AX1800 (MiWiFi Release 3.0.34) with a VPN (L2TP protocol) configured on it. This makes all my connected devices go through the VPN but I only need my work laptop to access the internet through the VPN. Is it possible to have a selecting routing (or policy...
  2. F

    Port forwarding and VPN

    I have an Asus RT-AX88U running Merlin firmware version 384.14. The router is running an OpenVPN client which is connected to a commercial VPN provider, with a rule for routing client traffic through the tunnel (a selective routing rule) that goes through the VPN. In other...
  3. A

    ASUS AC86U - Connect via VPN Server with VPN Client Strict Selective Routing

    Hi all, I am new to all of this and need some guidance please. I can connect to my home network from external network via VPN Server (opvn) I set up in the router. The router also have VPN Client (with PIA) set up with selective routing. However, I can only get the VPN Server connection...
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    ASUS RT-AC87U: Combining VPN-server with VPN client running on router

    So I have the ASUS RT-AC87U router with Asuswrt-merlin firmware (384.12). I'm running an openVPN-server so I can connect to my home network remotely, so I can remotely maintain and control both the router and the clients on the network. I just recently got a VPN subscription and added the...
  5. V

    Asus RT-AC86U - Questions about Merlin Firmware, Selective routing and Guest networks

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum so I hope I'm creating this thread in the right section. :D So I want to buy Asus RT-AC86U to achieve decent speeds using OpenVPN. However, I have a couple of questions before I buy this expensive router. They are: 1) Does all revisions of the said router are...
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    Routing traffic through a reverse OpenVPN on tun21

    Hello, I need to route a few domains on my Asus-merlin located on network "A" through a network that I cannot open any ports on network "B". Since I can't connect to an OpenVPN server on network "B", I setup an OpenVPN server on my Asus-merlin and setup a client on network "B" to connect back...
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    Multiple Redundant OpenVPN Client Routing Issues

    I have been using an OpenVPN client with selective routing for a while and it works as expected. I only have two rules defined so that all traffic goes through the VPN except my TV: TV WAN all VPN However, from time to time the VPN server I'm using...
  8. T

    RT-AC88U Run through OpenVPN client into my own OpenVPN server?

    I would like to know if I can setup selective routing for all devices in my network to be run similar to the third party client openvpn. I understand if you use a third party for the client side through openvpn, all devices are individually controlled. I currently have the router setup with an...