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    Adding AX86u Pro to Current AC86u - best way for improved wifi?

    Forgive the basic questions I currently have AC86u as my main router in home office downstairs (converted garage) WiFi generally fine in house except in kitchen (opposite end of house, same floor) and master bedroom - above kitchen I've been using a TPLink set to same SSID upstairs as an access...
  2. I

    Backup and Restore. Migration from RT-AC68U to RT-AX88U Pro

    Hello! I am upgrading my RT-AC68U router to RT-AX88U Pro. Merlin 388.2.2. Saved settings on RT-AC68U and restored on RT-AX88U Pro. Lost: 1. Login and password for Internet access. 2. Routing for the OpenVPN (Allowed Clients -> Common Name(CN), Subnet, Mask). 3. MAC filter list. 4. Manually...
  3. R

    Migrating from AC87u to AC86u - can i transfer settings?

    HI In a nutshell - thinking of buying a new router to upgrade from my RT-AC87u and as there aren't many WIFI 6 devices still figured the AC86u was the best bang for buck to go for? (even better if my some miracle there is a Prime Day Deal) Anyway my question is, is there an easy way to migrate...
  4. J

    Latest updated router settings migration tool?

    Hi all, please let me know what is the latest method for saving/transferring router settings. I tried the one which can be found on this forum, it works fine, but I couldn't solve my problems with it. Maybe it transferred some bad data too, because it is designed for older FW versions, I don't...