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  1. B

    voip server gets "kernel: [BLOCKED - INVALID]" message

    My SPA2102 appears to be working fine with with The SPA2102 is behind an ASUS RT-AC68U running Asuswrt merlin 384.8_2. The calls are clear, but I am simply curious why I see the message "kernel: [BLOCKED - INVALID] ..." exactly 5 seconds after the call starts and exactly every 5...
  2. H

    Asus RT-AC88U NAT Passthrough

    In Asus RT-AC88U, the VPN related NAT Passthrough by default allows PPTP Passthrough L2TP Passthrough IPSec Passthrough RTSP Passthrough H.323 Passthrough SIP Passthrough do any of these pose a security liability ? ie can someone from the WAN take advantage of these passthroughs to connect...
  3. R

    SIP Passthrough

    Until recently, I had an RT-AC87u with merlin on it. Recently I updated my router and replaced it with RT-AC86U. (The Asus numbering scheme is weird - the 86 is way newer than the 87. Go figure.) The new router AC86U is running Merlin 384.4_2. For quite a while I've used Onsip as my...
  4. R

    BT MeetMe issues with 380.66_4 and RT-AC5300

    We use BT MeetMe for our company's audio conferencing needs. Unfortunately I am not able to join or host my meeting whenever I use my RT-AC5300 with Merlin at home. Doesn't also work with the latest Asus firmware for my router. If I bypass my home router and use my phone's data plan, I am...
  5. Authority

    SIP Helper

    What's the status of the SIP passthrough and "NAT Helper"? Does it work? My VoIP provider says they generally are broken and don't help and should be turned off?
  6. Authority

    VoIP Strategies

    Hello everyone - I have the unusual challenge of making SIP VoIP work for a small business on extremely limited bandwidth... 20ish users on a 12/1 DSL line. I'm using an RT-AC68U with 380.61. In my reading, it's my understanding that "traditional QoS" has been broken for a while, so I'm using...
  7. MarvinAndro

    VoIP or Jabber with OBi202 kill all other connections on my RT-AC68U

    I've made quite a few changes to my home setup last weekend and I'm not sure where to start debugging the issue in the title, so hope someone can point me in the right direction. Setup/changes: * Switched to cable on the Rogers 250/20M plan and with that said goodbye not only to Bell's ADSL but...
  8. SpaceCoyote

    DSL-AC68U - Latest Official Firmware and SIP Problems

    In a nutshell, I recently upgraded my firmware to from and now I am unable to receive inbound calls on my SIP softphone. I upgraded because of some odd-looking activity in my logs (people trying to login remotely), and after seeing the change log for the...