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  1. B

    3 way Site-to-site OpenVPN

    I have setup two instances of S2S OpenVPN between 3 homes using AsusWRT routers just like I have drawing on There is one server and are two clients. The site with server side has two VPN instances running. Each Client sites connect to the server. Hosts on each client side can...
  2. KCL

    Multi-city site-to-site VPN recommendations

    Hello! First post. I am making recommendations for someone who is expanding to a second office across the country (main is in FL, new office in AZ) and I've loved my AX88U from the day I installed it (parental controls notwithstanding!). I set up a test VPN between my home office and my...
  3. D

    Site-to-site VPN issue

    I am using an Asus RT-AC68U with Merlin to connect to my open VPN server at another location to achieve a site-to-site vpn using Openvpn. The RT-AC68U's network is and the Openvpn server's network is I have port routed port 80 from the router at to...
  4. masterjx9

    How to setup site-to-site TUN connect with 2 Asus routers (Video draft)

    I am working on an indepth video on how to setup a site-to-site connection with 2 asus routers. So far I have created my "Quick talk" part of my video where I explain everything very fast. I did this so that people who watch the full video aren't bored with stuff they may already know. The...
  5. jeremyp52

    RT-AC66U B1 OpenVPN server - Intra-Client Connection Issues

    I am really stumped on this one. I have been having a heck of a time trying to figure out why I can't ping other computers on a client's network, while I am actively using a VPN connection into my server. This is a Client <-> Client scenario: Client/Network A <---> Internet <--->...
  6. Ed B.

    Connecting two ASUS routers point to point via OpenVPN TUN and server can't ping client

    Spoiler: While I was putting together my question, I managed to come up with the right combination of configs to allow my two ASUS routers to talk to each other via OpenVPN TUN. I'm leaving my original question and final config out here for anyone else who is trying to do the same. I have...
  7. A

    RT-AC88U - site-to-site VPN with OpenVPN

    Has anybody managed to establish a site-to-site VPN with 2 x RT-AC88U routers while using the stock firmware (which supports OpenVPN)?
  8. TinMan11

    Site-to-Site OpenVPN Internet redirect and DHCP issues

    Hello, I'm having some issues getting the internet redirect and DHCP assignments to work properly. My setup is as follows and any advice is greatly appreciated. I'm trying to setup site-to-site openvpn between my work and home but only have local (ie 192.168.1.*) traffic go over the vpn...