[Solved] High RAM usage RT-AX88U, question.

    My RT-AX88U is using up a lot of RAM ... Is there a way to see what is using up the RAM the most? I'm using Diversion, Skeynet, Unbound, OpenVPN clients, and uiDivstats. I'm curious to know which service is chewing up the RAM the most.

    Should I be concerned about this? Merlin/Skynet Security

    My home network has mostly had this set up ... ISP Modem/Router > ASUS RT-AX88U > Devices I've just put the ISP Router in Bridge mode and set up the OpenVPN Server, and I am using it. However, I'm concerned about security now the ASUS is directly exposed to the Internet. I have Skynet...
  3. J

    Warning from log file?

    RT-AC86U with Asus Merlin F/W and RT-AC68U aimesh node, diversion & skynet. I have refrained in the past from asking questions about the messages from the log file and beyond because I got the impression that the guys that know what is going on don't appreciate those of us who don't asking...
  4. J

    Couple of quick questions, maybe

    RT-AC86U primary router with Merlin 384.14 beta RT-AC68U for Aimesh Node, ethernet priority with stock Small home and office arrangement, about 100 feet apart. Question 1: Can I attach a small NAS to my Aimesh node's usb port? If so, do I configure it through the...
  5. R

    Diversion / Skynet Thought

    Hi everyone! I have been using Diversion and Skynet for a few months now and it is just an awesome combination of tools! I had a thought about enhancing the functionality...How difficult would it be to setup the tools to have blocked sites redirect to a web page (maybe using httpd?) on the...
  6. J

    Strange IP adress in Skynet

    Hello Guys, I'veseen a strange IP address on the network today and wonder if this might not be a bug in Skynet? My IP settings has been configured correctly. EDIT: Please have a look at the second last IP address.
  7. L&LD

    amtm step-by-step install guide - L&LD

    This is a step-by-step guide that will show how to optimally set up a USB drive for Asus’ RMerlin powered routers that will at the very minimum allow for use of a swap file for your supported router. It will optionally install Entware properly too, all with the help of amtm by @thelonelycoder...
  8. T

    Allow LAN IP Through WAN

    I have the RT-AC88 running 384.7_2 with Skynet 6.6.4 in the following configuration; ISP Modem --> ASA5506W --> (WAN)ASUS ASA - Using WiFi for some nodes including TV's to bypass ASUS when I'm testing new settings ASUS - Used for OpenVPN, Network Printers, PLEX and NAS with Transmission...
  9. B

    OpenVPN - Force client to use router DNS + Firewall

    OpenVPN is working ok with the Android paid "OpenVPN Client", however the remote client is not using the router DNS and firewall where I have Diversion and Skynet set up. I would like the mobile client to benefit from this as well. When I click 'advertise DNS to client' the connection stop...
  10. AZDNice

    In Home Web GUI Being Blocked/Unreachable

    Hello, I am trying to reach a In-home address/Web GUI but I keep getting the below errors. The only changes I have made on my Asus RT-AC3200 running Asuswrt-Merlin was Install AB-Solutions, Entware, Pixelserv-tls, and Skynet. I can see it on my Client Status listing however if I try to ping or...
  11. M

    [Solved] Spotify + AB-solution = limited functionality

    I found out that Spotify no longer works on any of my devices. Searching the forum I found this and crawling the rest of the internet if found this. From what I've understand, I should withlist the CIDR's below and open port 4070 for in- and outbound TCP traffic (please do correct me if I'm...
  12. Adamm

    [Release] Skynet - Router Firewall & Security Enhancements

    UPDATED 11/9/2020 Skynet - Router Firewall & Security Enhancements Skynet is the first comprehensive IP banning and security tool exclusively for Asus Devices. The goal of this tool is to enhance the firmware's built in functionality such as the SPI Firewall, Brute Force Detection and...