slow lan speed

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  1. torstein

    Why is my wireless LAN speed slower than my wireless internet speed on AX86U?

    TL;DR: My WiFi internet speed is way faster than my WiFi LAN speeds. Why? Answer: It's because using samba to transfer a file between two computers, the AX86U's single 5GHz radio both receives and sends data at the same time - so bidirectional traffic. This saturates the radio, effectively...
  2. gustavo1spbr

    VERY slow file transfer to QNAP TS-453Be

    - Experiencing < 20MB/s transfer from desktop computer to NAS with very large file (> 256GB), when expected would be full Gigabit speeds (~125MB/s) - QNAP system is 16GB RAM and 4 HDDs in RAID5 (raw write performance in this configuration should be the same as of a single hard drive, ie...
  3. Sp0X

    Slow WAN with VPN Director turned on

    Hi all. Tell me, please, what rules should be set in the VPN director so that the speed over the WAN does not drop to the speed of the VPN connection. I only use it to access some ip from all devices. Maybe it's because I'm using wireguard? I read the entire forum, but I did not find such...
  4. D

    Brand new AX86U slow wired & wifi

    I finally decided to upgrade my 8-year-old Linksys (EA6700) router and grabbed an AX86U from BestBuy this past weekend specifically for the 2.5Gbps port. Upon setting it up, I immediately updated the firmware to I have the 1.2 Gbps plan with Xfinity/Comcast and an Arris...
  5. dozolee

    Slow LAN speed on ASUS 4G-AC68U

    Dear all, I'm trying to solve my problem with my Asus 4G-AC68U. I use this router in mesh with another RT-AC68U. The problem is with my Master 4G-AC68U. The LAN download speed is much lower then the download speed with wifi. I found a lot of threads in the internet with the same issue. There...