smart switch

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  1. GiacomoCastillo

    Thoughts about getting a Google Nest Hub

    I’m a new fan of smart homes! What are your thoughts on getting a Google Nest Hub? Are there better alternatives to this device? Any idea on where I can get them at a steal price? Thanks in advance.
  2. Kashif Tasneem

    Help needed in choosing a switch

    Hi. I want to purchase a switch which supports port trunking. I have narrowed down to the following two:
  3. W

    Does anyone know how Tuya works?

    So I just installed a smart wi-fi switch that uses the Smart Life app (Tuya by another name) for activation and control. With the app I assigned the switch to the guest network on my Synology RT2600ac router, and to my surprise everything worked the first time. :) Except that the device does...
  4. G

    Router Used as Smart (managed) Switch

    Hello, I'd like to implement some vlans in my home network to isolate a few IoT type devices from the rest of the network. Sticking with the asusmerlin firmware should yield the best wifi experience because of the native drivers. One key difference from most of the posts I've read on the...