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  1. R

    Port mirroring makes router freeze

    Hi, I have an Asus AX56U with Asuswrt-Merlin 388.1 and I want to mirror all traffic to my Snort VM running on a Proxmox host. When I set these iptables rules, the router immediatly freezes. It doesn't reboot, unless I do it physically, and all units on my network loose connection with...
  2. rkk2025

    How does the Trend Micro Two Way IPS work in AsusWRT while Snort would melt desktop computers?

    Hi, Since I enabled the Trend Micro Two Way IPS on my AsusWRT and seen how well it performs (In terms of Network Speed and detected attacks), I would not change it back to how it was before. At some point I needed to change to another router with an OpenWRT, and I've seen that Snort/Suracata...
  3. D

    Neatgear N9000 and port mirroring

    Hi, I'm going to be purchasing a Netgear Nighthawk x10 today and was wondering if it was capable or doing port mirroring. I have an IDS sensor that I want to set up and capture traffic. Any ideas?