speed tests

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  1. Mr Solis

    RT-AC68U Traditional QoS UL/DL limit values are broken?

    I've recently dirty flashed 386.5 over 386.4 and noticed my download speed had deteriorated (~102mbps reduced to ~18mbps via Ookla) but the built in WebUI Internet Speed test is giving me expected results (102mbps/19mbps). I have Traditional QoS enabled with CTF disabled and this was previously...
  2. B

    Speed Test (Verizon FIOS 1Gbps vs Comcast 600Mbps)

    I just had Verizon FIOS with 1Gbps service installed and planned to cancel my Comcast 600Mbps service. Before going ahead with cancelling, I decided to run some speed tests to compare actual numbers using speedtest.net. So far, Comcast's 600Mbps service is putting up better numbers than...