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  1. sirmclouis

    RT-AC66U B1 Wifi download speed

    Hey! I have a similar issue as this poster here: rt-ac1750_b1-slow-wifi-speeds-on-gigabit-fiber-connection.66342 but in my case my router is a AC66U B1 with the 384.19 Asus Melin firmware. I have a 10Gb/s connection and the router is connected the company router over a Cat6 LAN cable. When I...
  2. S

    Mesh connectivity vs setup question

    I have a basic mesh question, which I struggle to find good answers to; I have a mesh wifi network with 3 x TP-link Deco M9 routers in my house. I must admit i would have expected better performance that what I do; The signal strength is very good all over the house, and ... When I try...
  3. J

    Asus RT-AC86U Speed Issue

    Hi all, I recently bought the Asus RT AC86U and have updated to the Merlin firmware. My ISP speeds are 200mbps, and I have speedtest'd on my ISP's router (now a modem - the Superhub 3 from Virgin Media) and achieved 200mbps. This test was done in Router and Modem mode. Changing the ISP to...
  4. amplatfus

    Firmware Version:384.15 AC88 Hidden mode Wifi Speed

    Hi, After trial and error I discovered that afer flash 384.15 on AC88 I was loosing speed on wireless. I did a factory reset after flash. I am coming from 380 :) Tried several times. All are working fine until I hide the Wifi. And one more thing: after unhide it, the speed remain the same...
  5. octopus

    Questions about new RT-AX58U

    Hello I will upgrade my routers but have some questions for you running RT-AX58U with merlin software. Has anyone tried USB3 and supported if there is still some interference on the 2.4Ghz radio? VPN client, anyone running AES-256-GCM, AES-256-GBC and noted what "real" speed can be achieved...
  6. mr wire

    how to maximise OpenVPN connection speed?

    Hello all , reviewing for hours , I'm looking for a updated settings to optimise my vpn conection I have in : A) 200 mb fiber with a Asus Rt-Ac66u - Marlin 380.70 - standard OpenVPn server B) 500 mb cable with Asus Rt-Ac66u - Marlin 380.70 - standard OpenVpn client My best speed in between is...
  7. Adamm

    ChannelHog - Monitor And Force Maximum 5GHz Bandwidth For AX88U

    v1.0.1 Updated - 9th October 2020 ChannelHog - Monitor and force maximum 5GHz bandwidth for the AX88U About; Tired of badly configured neighbours and DFS cutting your wireless bandwidth in half? Then this is the script for you! ChannelHog will monitor your current 5GHz channel bandwidth on...
  8. A

    WCB3000 slow network connection

    Hi, i have a simple coax network with 2 Actiontec WCB3000 on the ends. The devices are connecting o each other nicely. The firmware reports 220 Mbps connection speed. When i start to download a file via the moca link my speed is limited to ~300 kBps (it goes up to 2 MBps, then quickly drops...
  9. B

    What’s the best router for VPN speeds?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been using ASUS Merlin for quite a while and it’s awesome. I’ve currently got an 87U and it’s a great router the only issue I have with it is the speed of the VPN. I get roughly 50Mb max. I’ve read that the 86U would allow me to achieve over 200Mb on a vpn connection. Is this...
  10. B

    Poor wireless performance

    Hello, Since a month or 2 my wireless internet is much slower than before. I have 3 accespoints (2x netgear WNDR4300 and 1x dlink DIR600) so wifi coverage is not the problem, I have tested the wired performance of every accespoint including the main router (ISP provided router) these speeds are...
  11. macster2075


    Hi How do I set Banwidth Limiter to control all devices at once? I know I can set each device individually, but I can’t find a way to limit all at once. I am not referring to allocating the speed by gaming, browsing, etc... I would like to set the following.. Max download speed 22 Mbps Max...
  12. D

    USB 3 full speed not working

    Hi! I have install 384.8_2 on my AC-RT66U_b1 to be able to cofigure SMB. SMB main conf is: Connected 3.5 USB3 HDD with separate power source. (MAIVO K3568g2+WDC WD40 EFRX-68N32N0). On PC i have 100-150 MB/s (800-1200 Mb/s)+- seq read, depends on part of the disk and 20% less seq write. Log...
  13. R

    Router antenna position for best coverage?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to improve my router's signal coverage in my home. My house has 2 floors and the router is located in the upper floor, mounted high up. My router (D-Link DIR-882 AC2600) has 4 antennas. According to what I've researched online, the best antenna position is like an L shape...
  14. P

    Asus ac-3100 Slow Gigabit Speeds

    Hello all, I recently upgraded my internet from 300/300 (down&up) mbps to 950/750 mbps. Prior to the upgrade I was getting roughly 340/270 mbps on wireless ac and 340/340 on a wired connection. After the upgrade, I am getting roughly 600/400 mbps while sitting right next to the router...
  15. D

    Slow Wi-Fi Speed on AC88U Specifically

    I have an issue with the Wi-Fi speed on my AC88U running real scenario tests. So for the purposes of the test I'm running 4 devices: ASUS AC88U (runs around 60 degrees C during testing (with cooling) - 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz, around 6 WiFi devices reported on Merlin) Macbook Pro 2016 (Wireless AC &...
  16. M

    WAN speed testing

    Hi, is there any builtin speed testing tool in Merlin? I need strong evidences in my struggle with ISP. Or my only choice is Entware and iperf?
  17. Adamm

    AC86U SMB Tweaking

    So I recently purchased a 2TB WD Elements HDD for the purpose network storage, I formatted this drive ext4. I noticed pretty fast that SMB default values give terrible wireless performance (LAN tests though are great at 100MB/s+ transfer rates). I decided to-do some tweaking and found some...
  18. cdysthe

    Netgear R7000 isn't up to speed on a gigabit connection through CM1000 modem

    Hi, I recently got a Netgear CM1000 modem on my gigabit Xfinity connection. When I hook my laptop up to the modem directly I am getting close to a gigabit connection, at least above 900 Mbps consistently. But when I hook up (ethernet) through my R7000 with fully upgraded stock firmware I'm...
  19. L

    TX Bursting on 5GHz ac

    I have an AC66U B1 with the latest Merlin firmware. By enabling Tx Bursting, I get my speed increases from 250Mbps to 310Mbps. I am connected to the 5Ghz band on ac. I have seen that Tx Bursting affects only g and a. So what's happening here?
  20. M

    Wifi Issues on 380.66 and 380.66_2 on RT-AC88U

    Hello All I have been experiencing severe wifi issues on the latest firmware revisions as of late. Ever since upgrading I have had the following issues. Intermittant bands showing wifi dropping on and off wifi showing no internet when connected devices simply not connecting to the wifi...