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  1. phillyaj

    Speedtest Results?? Anyway to download them?

    Hi All, I'm having an on-going issues with Comcast, where I see alot of packet loss and speed dropouts every evening. I have the RT-AX86U and perform the speedtests from the router and wanted to see if there is a way to grab the results. I searched around the filesystem of the router (via...
  2. Thermaltake

    AX88U 5Ghz wifi speed

    Hi, I Have AX88U with connection of 1Gbps/500Mbps. I am doing speedtest over my phone(P20 Huawei) connected to 5Ghz network, and all I'm getting is 300/200 or something like that. Is there any chance of doing some tweak or something so that speed via phone is faster or there is non ?