Netgear speedtest (ookla)

    Hi, Netgear routers come with an integrated speedtest. It is meant originally to be used when setting up QoS, but is helpful to test the bandwidth speed of the WAN connection. It is a custom version of the well known ookla speedtest. It can be run from router web interface, NG phone or tablet...
  2. M

    Ookla Speedtest cli binary available

    Hi guys, I just discovered that the binary version of Speedtest is now available. I successfully installed the arm version on my Asus Merlin: ookla repository: https://ookla.bintray.com/download/ or https://bintray.com/ookla/download/speedtest-cli/1.0.0#files The binary version for Asus...
  3. M

    Plugin for speedtest

    Hi, Can you implement simple plugin for web page to test speed of internet connection? When I have connection problem with my provider they want to connect my notebook to their router and test speed connection. I found example for ubuntu...
  4. darth_adversor

    speedtest result over wi-fi

    Hey all, So I just got AT&T fiber internet installed today, 300 mbps up and down. I set the gateway up for IP passthrough, so I could use my TP-Link Archer C5 (with OpenWRT) instead of the unit AT&T provided. My wireless throughput over the LAN averages between 45-50 MB/s (360-400 mbps)...
  5. D

    speedtest script to run on router?

    Is there a script similar to this one that can be run on the router? sivel/speedtest-cli: Command line interface for testing internet bandwidth using speedtest.net https://github.com/sivel/speedtest-cli That's a python script. If there is not a script specific to an Asus router, has anyone...
  6. M

    WAN speed testing

    Hi, is there any builtin speed testing tool in Merlin? I need strong evidences in my struggle with ISP. Or my only choice is Entware and iperf?
  7. S

    ASUS RT-AC68U Merlin 380.68_2 Poor Download Speeds

    Updated with solution at bottom of this post. I am re-asking this question in the Merlin forum as I did not have the correct forum category the first time...original post here I recently switched to CenturyLink 1gbps service and I'm not seeing the full speeds for download. I get 150-250mbps...
  8. V

    [RT-AC68U] 5Ghz WiFi internet inconsistent download - upload fine

    Hi, in advance I should say I'm no expert so if I mix up some terms or say something which doesn't make sense, bare with me. I will try and explain my issue as thoroughly as possible. I am on a FTTH 200/100 mbps connection. I purchased this router(RT-AC68U) a few months ago to replace...
  9. T

    Extend Network Tools - Network Analysis

    Hi, Thnx for Merlin. Like it so far, installed it 2 days agi on my RT-AC68U . However I do have a question. On the networkanalysis tab I can do a ping to several predefined servers. Why not add the server "other" to this and add a testfield which can be used to fill in any server or a local IP...