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  1. K

    Disable disk spin down by some id: serial number, partition label or UUID

    I have AX88U Pro router. It has a single USB port. USB 3 hub is connected to the port and 2 drives are connected to this hub: one HDD and one SSD. My issue is that SSD seemingly "spins down" and becomes unavailable. I cannot bring it back. If I disable the spin down for the disk, everything...
  2. amplatfus

    Monitoring Disk activity for spindown idle time

    Hi, I have the spindown idle time set. I also have entware installed on the same disk with swap file too. Some time ago, after idle time passed, the disk entered in the idle time. But from some time it doesn't any more, even I did not change the configuration at all. And I want to find out...
  3. D

    HDD spindown on R7800

    I have a 4tb WD External Elements HDD (bought brand new a month ago) attached to USB port on R7800. My firmware is the Stock Netgear V1.0.2.62 My problem is that my HDD wont spindown and constantly make noise of read/write. I have looked through all the options of firmware but I cant seem to...
  4. amplatfus

    [solved] spin idle time

    Hi, With firmware 380.63_2 on AC88U spin down seems to not working accurate. I have 32400 (9 hours) as value set in Disk spindown idle time (in seconds) field. But after few minutes the HDD spins down and I do not know why it does this so early. I have done even factory reset but it still...