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  1. J

    Strange log entries since installing latest firmware

    Strange log entries since updating to the latest firmware Also have had my first stability issues in ages (which is what led me to look at the logs in the first place) also, there are a lot of inbound connections blocked (while connected through the router vpn client) showing up on the logs...
  2. A

    Asus CT8 Stability

    I can get two double packs of Asus CT8´s for 250$ at a clearance sale which feels like an okay deal even though these are not Wifi 6 devices. The four CT8 units will be set up in a 5500 square feet house which is a bit tricky getting proper wifi coverage in and for now it´s not feasible to drag...
  3. C

    Help identifying what is draining my bandwidth

    I have a pretty fast service, around 350MB - 500MB. The problem is stability, with streaming lagging and I have had my USP out to visit a few times and they can not solve the issue. The most recent technician said that we are downloading over 400mg per week and some device is draining the...
  4. Kanji-San

    RT-AX88U as reliable as RT-AC68U?

    My RT-AC68U (with Merlin) has been incredibly stable and reliable for the past three or four years :) For the upcoming switch to gigabit service, I am looking to upgrade to the RT-AX88U which seems very capable and also supporting the next-gen WiFi standard. I have been trying to get a feeling...
  5. N

    How important is synchronization in TR-398 Long Term Stability testing

    There are some procedures to measure long term stability behavior in routers such us sending traffic or doing pings from a couple of stations, for example, every 2 minutes. These tests last about 24 hours, so I was wondering how relevant could be the delay that occurs for example in the ping...
  6. Mugatu

    Powerline ethernet for greater reliability?

    Hi all, I'm wondering if a powerline ethernet adapter would help my situation. I am experiencing interruptions when streaming hi-res content from Tidal. Current setup is a cable modem Technicolor TC4400 plugged to an ASUS RT-AC1750 B1 router running the latest Merlin firmware. ISPs current...
  7. Kanji-San

    Latest super-stable firmware version

    I am still on 380.68_4 on my RT-AC68U which is very stable. I have seen quite a few posts in this forum about issues with more recent versions. What is the latest super-stable (especially in respect to WiFi) Merlin version for the RT-AC68U?