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  1. sdh91

    Persistent IPv6 Static Routes???

    I am looking for a way to make some IPv6 routes persistent in my router. Thus far I can add the routes via ssh to the route with a command similar to below. route -A inet6 add 26XX:XXXX:XXXX:XXXX:1000::/68 gw 26XX:XXXX:XXXX:0001::2 dev br0 The only issue I have is after every reboot the...
  2. Sky

    Best Way to Reserve IPs: LAN>DHCP List (or) Client Status>MAC and IP Address Binding?

    I have a handful of devices that need to have reserved IPs due to their rather limited or non-existent ability to reconnect if their IP changes after a warm boot or a power cycle. These aren't static IP clients, they have no user-enabled ability to "set" the IP on the client; they're just really...
  3. sdh91

    IPv6 Static Route

    Could someone help me with the syntax on how to add a static route for IPv6? I need to add a static route to a routerB below my ASUS router for IPv6, I have tried to do it but I'm not getting the syntax correct. This is what I have so far. route -A inet6 add fdc5:6e16:2f48:4864::/64...
  4. R

    Multi-Router - Multi-LAN network help please!

    Hello everybody, I have a relatively complex network building in progress, and I would like some help from the experienced networking people here! It's a three story building. I have two VDSL2 connections coming in with their according modem/routers, a Cisco dual wan load balancing router set...
  5. jimosity

    Static route to 192.168.2.x device from 192.168.1.x

    I'm using an Asus RT-AC3200 with Merlin 384.5_beta2 firmware. My network consists of a ton of 192.168.1.x devices - some static, some dynamic. I *really* don't want to change anything on that network as some of these devices are a real pain to change. I have one specific device that I use on a...
  6. monakh

    Is there a way to migrate static IPs from the older Merlin firmware to NG?

    Howdy, long time Merlin user. I want to migrate to the NG firmware (still stuck on 380.70) but I have about a 100 or so IPs defined in the static pool via DHCP reservations. Is there a way to migrate them since you can't do a dirty upgrade?
  7. D

    /31 Mikrotik help

    Following on from this post we now have up and running our fibre connection. Currently connecting through our existing Asus RTn66u and working perfectly. So other business's are now approaching me as they want in on the connection so ive taken the plunge and bought the RB1100ahx2 routerboard...