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  1. P

    IPv6 OpenVPN server on Synology

    Hello, I'm trying to run an OpenVPN server over ipv6. Synology NAS needs to have ipv6 configured using DPHCv6-pd in order to enable ipv6 in OpenVPN settings. Unfortunately, in this case, the NAS will not receive any prefix. IPv6 works when set to automatic. Synology requires a "properly"...
  2. enr00ted

    Synology NAS/Router .local DNS server

    Hi everyone, I have recentrly bought a Synology router (SRM). I installed the DNS server package (the same one that is on the NAS's I believe, based on Bind) and I am trying to do a simple configuration for my internal home lan. - I chose my domain to be kta.local - I created a master zone for...