synology rt2600ac

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  1. A

    have Intel 9560 card w/ true 160MHz; am in very congested environment--don't need speed, just a clear channel. Router that can do this? Sorry, NOOB

    I have a Dell Vostro with an Intel 9560 160 MHz card. I'm trying to understand what it is capable of and what it is not. My understanding is that the one advantage that it might have is that it could utilize a true 160MHz channel if a router supported it (and there's only three that do...
  2. S

    Synology RT2600ac Not Powering On

    I think I've blown the fuse inside the router. The router was functioning well & couple of weeks back there was smoke smell coming out of the router & I switched it off and let it cool. Few hours later I switched on & the router isn't turning on anymore. Any ideas on how to get this fixed ? Not...
  3. J

    How to setup OpenDns on Synology

    Hi there I have question on configuring OpenDNS on Synology router, should I install the DNS package? Thanks in advance for your response
  4. P

    Thoughts on the Netgear C7500 Modem/Router Combo + Synology RT2600AC? Any insight on this modem/router combo? Couldn't find anything here via the search function. Reviews on BB seem pretty good. Are modem/router combo units still frowned upon in 2018 or is the Netgear C7500 a solid...
  5. D

    Should I get the router I really want or build a mesh network? Looking for advice...

    Hi everyone, I'm a bandwidth nerd, and I really geek out over bandwidth graphs and data usage stats. I want to see real-time and historical data usage for the WAN and each device on the network. This has led me to the Synology RT2600ac. From my research, it seems to offer the best network...
  6. rhimbo

    Need help setting up Synology RT 2600ac router in Access Point mode

    Hello all, I just purchased two Synology RT 2600ac WiFi routers. I will use the first one (the main router) to connect to my cable modem. I plan to use the second one in bridge mode (access point mode); call this one the AP router. I would like to create: a single network (a single...
  7. N

    Router for family member - Orbi system or Stand-alone router - for wifi range

    I am upgrading the cable modem and router for a family member. Cable modem - Getting them the same MB8600 D3.1 modem I have. Just looking for new router recommendations given their environment: Environment: They have a recently built two story home (including large finished basement) with an...