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  1. D

    Solved Need help with my usb 3.1 port on my Nas failing.

    Hoping someone can help me with this system log to understand what exactly is causing my usb 3.1 port to fail occasionally. I have to note that it only fails when I use both my external drive bay and my 5G qnap external Ethernet port. So I know what likely causes it, but not why. I'm honestly...
  2. D

    uiScribe Finding Crash Log with Scribe?

    Hi, My router is crashing, and after days spent trying to diagnose, I am at a loss, what I thought were crash logs, were just system logs.... however I am unable to find the crash log. I have Scribe installed but on the system log it says: Log file will display here. If you are seeing this...
  3. Sky

    Solved ASUS RT-AC87 System log missing days (Synology issue?)

    The System Log in my AC87 is missing all activity between 13 April 12:59:06 and 17 April 09:05:07, a period of about 3-days 8-hrs 6-min 1-sec. There is no space between the log lines, no blanks. You wouldn't even notice it without a close reading of the log. I have my AC87 reboot every day so...
  4. D

    New RT-AC86U: System Log

    I just installed the AC86U last night and noticed the system log creates an entry every five minutes: kernel: thfsplus: walked past end of dir I upgraded from the AC68U and never had this issue. Anybody know why I am getting this logged every 5 minutes? I don't have time machine enabled...
  5. I

    kernel: jffs2: warning: (xxxx) jffs2_sum_write_data: Not enough space for summary

    I have done an exhaustive search on google and your asus forum posts for an explanation of this syslog entry (forgive me if I accidentally overlooked my answers). There where quite a few posts about this in merlin's subforum and the RT-GT5300 thread, yet I feel I've either missed the answer...
  6. S

    Should I Worry?

    May 18 01:56:42 pptpd[3981]: CTRL: Client control connection started May 18 01:56:45 pptpd[3981]: CTRL: Starting call (launching pppd, opening GRE) May 18 01:56:46 pptp[3982]: Plugin loaded. May 18 01:56:46 pptp[3982]: PPTP plugin version 0.8.5 compiled for pppd-2.4.7...
  7. B

    Access Point System log Issue After Update to 384.4

    I have two AC5300 routers, one configured as Wireless Router and the other as Access Point. I updated both from 380.69_2 to 384.4 a couple of days ago and both seem to be working fine. I have not yet reset to factory defaults since both are working well and the few settings that have been...
  8. W

    Drops in Sys Log

    Trying to figure out WTH is causing drops in the router's system log for an ASUS RT-AC66U with Motorola SB6141 cable modem. Drops seem to happen in the wired connection between the router and the cable modem since the cable modem MAC address is referenced over and over, but just spit balling...