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  1. D

    Yet another question about VLANs (any HowTo recommended?)

    Hi folks, I see here on SNBforums and on Reddit are dozens (or maybe close to hundred) posts about VLANs on Asus Merlin routers, though I haven't found a comprehensive guide/Howto. Anyone can recommend one for my case? My main is AX86S (router mode) and also a second node AC68U that is wired...
  2. R

    Access point with multiple SSIDs mapped to multiple VLANs

    Hi, networking newbie here. I have opnsense set up on a mini PC and have just bought a TP link eap670 to use as a wifi AP. I have a both IoT devices and trusted devices (laptop, phone, etc) that are connected to my wifi so wish to have multiple SSIDs on my AP mapped to multiple VLANs (i.e one...