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    Starting OpenVPN with TAP Client seems to crash RT-AX86U

    I just purchased an RT-AX86U PRO to replace an aging RT-AC68U and running an OpenVPN client with a TAP bridge seems to crash the RT-AX86U PRO. Both routers are on the latest versions of ASUSWRT-MERLIN -- 388.2_2 and 386.11, respectively. Previously, the RT-AC68U was set up in SPAIN with at TAP...
  2. T

    Conflict of two DHCP Servers on same network over openvpn TAP bridge (AC68U + Mikrotik hex)

    Hello! I have OpenVPN TAP server on AC68U Merlin And Mikrotik - client Network bridged as i want Asus IP -, DHCP pool - Mikrotik IP -, DHCP-pool Exept this, ASUS have IPv6 When I made this bridge - at first everything worked well...
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    VPN - Remote access to UPnP and other servers

    I run MediaMonkey at home and it's set up pretty well. I would like to access it via VPN as I do at home - i.e. sync and UPnP playing. When I'm out and VPN'd in via TUN it doesn't seem to be able to contact the server, whereas when I am home it can - even though I forgot to disable VPN. Will...
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    Asuswrt-Merlin Site-to-Site VPN with (2) RT-AC86U, coming from DD-WRT (How to?)

    Guys, I've been googling and searching for a day and a half and I'm coming up with bits and pieces on how to do this, but nothing concrete. Was hoping someone could give me some insight on how to pull this off. Our company has 2 offices, currently TAP bridged with DD-WRT, on 2 Asus RT-AC68U...