time outs

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  1. torstein

    Asus VPN server (IPsec and Openvpn) Dropping Connection every hour-ish

    New to the forum :) MY SETUP Router: AX58U Firmware: Merlin 386.1.2 DDNS: asuscomm.com Devices: iPhone 12 mini with iOS 14.4.1 and Macbook Pro macOS 11.2.3 DNS resolver: NextDNS (version 1.11.0 through merlinwrt nextdns cli) VPN-clients: Tunnelblick (mac), OpenVPN (iOS) and Instant Guard (iOS)...
  2. xulian

    Unable to connect to AP from firefox

    Hi, this is for a RT-AC68U from both windows and Mac with firefox. It shows in status bar the message "making TLS negotiation with xxxx" and ends with time exceeded. But, I can connect from Safari (from the Mac) and also with Firefox from another Linux machine. Any idea about what the problem...
  3. Karajorma

    Weird issue when using VPN on the network.

    I have a Asus RT-AC88U as my router connected to a China Telecom Huawei Echolife HG8120C cable modem. The majority of the time my setup seems to work well but I have had intermittant problems when watching videos over a SAMBA connection to other devices on the network where the video will pause...