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    Timezone settings in Entware

    I have incorrect time values in Entware-based Asterisk, but when running date from shell, it returns correct date. So NTP-server seems to work, and it is Entware configuration issue. At least, Asterisk Gurus say so. Anybody can suggest where can I check timezone setting in Entware?
  2. C

    NTP Time Will not Sync

    Currently using 380.66_6 on a RT-AC87U, and i have always seen ( through multiple Firmware Revisions ) the notification in the system Tab of the Administration Settings that the NTP was not sync'd, causing the Auto Restart to happen at the wrong local time. i have tried the Default, Google's...
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    Syslog time issues

    Hi there, I have a weird time inconsistency which apps write to standard log. For example, transmission writes some false time, which doesn't correspond to system one: Jul 28 16:47:27 host dropbear[26782]: Child connection from XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Jul 28 16:47:28 host dropbear[26782]: Pubkey auth...
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    NTP Not working - Asus RT-AC3200 with Merlin 380.65

    I have recently been having problems with my router and NTP not working correctly. It seems to work after the first firmware flash but then stops working after that. Any reboots resets the time and date which causes the AIProtection to no longer work correctly amongst other things. If I look...