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  1. intArray

    MoCa Packet Loss with TP-Link Equipment

    MoCa Packet Loss with TP-Link Equipment I am at a loss, and have nearly given up on Moca. I have a semi large network of iOT devices for the smart home. No issue and is stable. But every 10 minutes or so my MoCa backhaul to the upstairs Switch and AP experience pack loss for a brief moment. I...
  2. n9nu

    Using Asus AX11000 w/ TPLink AX6600 as a stand alone access point for 2.4 only

    Hi I have an Asus GT-AX11000 I use with my Asus laptop & phone only. Is it feasible to disable the 2.4 band in the Asus AX11000 and hardwire it via CAT 8 to a new TPLink AX6600 and use that as an access point for 2.4 only? My entire home has CAT 8 run to each room & the garage (minus the two...
  3. M

    TP-Link Archer AX73 AX5400, WIFI some time connected but no internet.

    I am helping my cousin to set his house router, but the told me that the router will sometime randomly connect but have no internet access, but he said LAN has no Issus but I already try switching things up but not sure what is wrong, could anyone help on it? I print out the router system log...
  4. I

    Help with connecting Isp modem, a router and stb device

    Hello I have an ISP modem on the second floor and tp link Archer c20 router and ISP stb device for iptv on the first floor. I am looking to connect the ISP modem and the router with the 1 ethernet cable going from 2nd to 1st floor and then connect the ISP stb iptv device to the router. Is it...
  5. StanleeSPUDwowski

    how to set a route - help

    Hello and Good day. Need some assistance with my current setup. I want to be able to browse both subnets in my home network. I currently have 2 ISP - sparklight cable 1gb and Century link dsl 80mb connections. How would i go about setting this. First network is Sparklight , modem connected...
  6. V

    Phone->PPTP works, Phone->Router->PPTP doesn't? Same IP/DNS!

    Hi guys, Strange problem: Connecting my Android straight to a PPTP server and my streaming app works as desired. Connecting my TP-Link router to the PPTP, and my Android to the router, and my streaming app gives a location error. Both ways I get the same IP and the same
  7. kmetek

    I have to buy new router?

    My appartmenet is around 57-60 m2, 2 rooms. My bedroom where I have Milan switch from my ISP. SCHEMATICS: MILAN SWITCH -> SWITCH -> LIVING ROOM -> SWITCH -> TV +PS4 MILAN SWITCH -> DIR 655 ROUTER - > MY PC / SHARING etc. Currently have old D-LINK DIR-655 A1 i think, FW 1.21. Sold my WD TV...
  8. S

    Looking for new desktop WiFi card (PCI)

    Hi all, So my desktop doesn't have a wifi adapter because I've always used wired connection (for gaming/streaming/etc.). I am unfortunately moving to a new place where I will not be able to use wired due to the location of the router (there's no in-the-wall ethernet ports and I can't run a...
  9. M

    Issue with ICMP and Trace routes

    Hi everyone, I'm new here :) Having an issue with a new modem and the inability to do trace routes. I have an ADSL2+ connection at my house, the modem provided by the ISP was trash, so I ordered a TP-Link TD-8840T ADSL2+ Modem/Router (non-Wireless). Before the setup was as below: ISP modem...