traffic monitoring

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    Upgrade from RT-N66U - Need traffic monitoring

    I've got an RT-N66U that I'm happy with, running Merlin 380.70. What it lacks is useful traffic monitoring and stats. Ideally, I want to be able to see what clients connect to what servers/web-sites, and when they're connecting. Bonus if I can store that data on a USB-drive, so it's persistent...
  2. B

    Log and Traffic Stat Retention

    Hi everyone.. When the router reboots traffic stats analysis are lost - is it possible to retain this between reboots? Also - if I want to keep logs securely so they can't be wiped in case of a hack - can this be retained somewhere safely via the log server option? If the log server is down...
  3. K

    Monthly Traffic Monitoring (IP works but not Global)

    I'm running an RT-AC66U with the 380.70 version of Merlin. I have disabled NAT Acceleration and created a custom location to save the data to a USB flash drive. The data shows for all of the drop down selections, except for the Global Monthly selection. When I choose that one the page says...