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  1. M

    IPv6 precedes IPv4 translation

    I'm using a RT-AX86U router with firmware version 386.5_2. I have a DDNS address that translates to both A and AAAA [not really] records. Therefore, I have IPv4 and IPv6 dynamically translated. # nslookup [] Server: Address 1: localhost.localdomain Name...
  2. N

    Asus openvpn same subnet local/remote workaround?

    I am wondering if someone can tell me how to setup a subnet alias/masq/translation/forwarding/mapped (not sure of the correct term) on the asus firewall. Here is the scenario asus stock firmware, openvpn server, workplace subnet is stuck at 192.168.1.x vpn/rdc works great for remote workers...