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  1. B255ea006

    amtm Baisc Entware commands

    Hi, does anyone have a Link 🔗 or a form post with basic amtm Entware commands? For example, i do like to delete all the files in a specific folder but how do is move in the direction and with which command do i delete the foulder or the files? Or how do i extract files from an specific folder...
  2. F

    Tutorial Setup the ASUS TUF Gaming AX5400 router for Transmission with remote access using an SSD for storage

    Hi Everyone, I post this tutorial because I found the infos regarding the subject too scattered on the net. Some of the info is not even out there or not easy to find at all. I hope you will find this helpful. Feel free to comment if there is anyhing important to add. In order to succcesfully...
  3. G

    Entware How to pass Environment variables in init.d scripts?

    Hi all. My main intention is to use SOCKS5 server opened on my router for all tracker connections in Transmission. As last versions of Transmission relies entirely on libcurl, I need to pass environment variable to use the corresponding proxy. On Linux systems I need to edit a corresponding...
  4. G

    Entware Transmission through Entware

    This thread is started because of this advice. Two questions from me regerding Transmission (but I think there will be more from others later). 1. Is it possible to add SOCKS5 for trackers in a current version of transmission in Entware? If so, which parameters should be used in json? 2. The...
  5. G

    Entware libmbedtls issue?

    Today for some reasons Entware packages fail to start. For example: At the same time: opkg install libmbedtls-2.16.11-1 fails also. Transmission also does not work. What is going on?
  6. M

    Entware Can't install Transmission 3.00-8

    AMTM shows an update available for Transmission from 3.00-4 to 3.00-8. The update menu doesn't seem to do much. Downloads a couple files and then goes back to the menu, still shows an update available. I tried running the opkg install command from the command line and spotted a few errors...
  7. AnnaX

    Can't for my life open port 51413 for Transmission

    I tried it all, I can't seem to be able to open port 51413 for Transmission on a Asus RT-N66U running Asuswrt-Merlin 380.70. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. K

    [Transmission] HTTPS Trackers

    Hello - Not sure if this is the right area, but I am trying to figure out how to connect to private torrent trackers with HTTPs. Recently one of the trackers got updated, but their certificate is not being validated. Jan 8 14:10:28 transmission-daemon[22386]: web will verify tracker certs...
  9. B

    Transmission and EXT3

    Hi all A few days ago, I decided I wanted to use my ac68u for using transmission. I installed Merlin and followed the guides for entware and then transmission. Works great so far. Now I have 3 questions, for which I couldn't find real answer in the forum via search: Following the guide, I used...
  10. amplatfus

    Is it possible to send via VPN only router traffic?

    Hi, I am trying to configure VPN client in order to send through VPN only the traffic made from router itself. I mean that I have Entware installed and I need do send via VPN only the traffic made by entware applications (for example: nzbget client, torrent client, etc). So all clients remain...
  11. M

    Syslog time issues

    Hi there, I have a weird time inconsistency which apps write to standard log. For example, transmission writes some false time, which doesn't correspond to system one: Jul 28 16:47:27 host dropbear[26782]: Child connection from XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Jul 28 16:47:28 host dropbear[26782]: Pubkey auth...
  12. A

    dual format 1TB usb drive for Windows backups AND Transmission? (RTAC56)

    I have a 1TB external drive that I'd like to use (temporarily, at least) for both saving my backups and using Transmission. I am running the latest version of ASUS Merlin on an RT-AC56U. The backups partition should be formatted as NTFS, to the best of my understanding (running Windows 10 x64)...
  13. Pepo

    Is the RT-AC88U powefull enought to handle transmission?

    I've a RT-AC87U, and I have transmission installed on it. The problem is that the download speed is so unestable (I've got 50Mb/50Mb fiber conection). Using a Synology for download with same torrents is perfect. My questions is ... as RT-AC88U is 0,4Ghz faster and has 256mb more RAM ... does it...
  14. G

    Transmission does not send an e-mail

    Hi all. Something wrong with Entware Transmission. I have a script in /jffs/scripts: I have Entware Transmission installed and configured settings.json to include: "script-torrent-done-enabled": true, "script-torrent-done-filename": "/jffs/scripts/", Everything was fine...
  15. B

    Transmission on a R-pi3 stops responding on an Asus RT-AC66U

    Hi, Whenever I try to add more than a torrent at the same time (or a very large file) to Transmission, installed on a R-pi3 that's wired to an Asus RT-AC66U, transmission just stops responding. This also happened when transmission was installed on the RT-AC66U through Optware/Entware (don't...
  16. A

    Does router TX power affect Nanostation compatibility and how does it impact range?

    I am pretty new to all of this, but have done a lot of research and cannot find an answer to my question. Hoping someone can help. I have an ASUS RT-56U (2x2 MIMO, ac-1200 (?)), running on ASUS-Merlin. Sharing bandwidth with my best friend upstairs because I'm on a fixed income and he's happy...
  17. Steini

    [SOLVED] JSON parse failed

    I was trying to Change settings in Transmission script and i got this error when tryin to start Transmission again: JSON parse failed in /opt/etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json at pos 0: SPECIAL_EXPECTED -- remaining text "/opt/etc/init.d/"[FAILED] I think I read somwhere that you can reset...
  18. Steini

    Open port in Transmission

    First I'd like to say thank you for a great forum! I've learned so much from reading here. :-) I have followed this guide: and installed Transmission and got it working. I'm a newbie and couldnt have done it...
  19. suhail_ssr

    RT-N66U: Transmission using Entware with NTFS USB drive

    Hi guys, I am new to Merlin and i have recently installed Merlin Firmware 380.59 in my RT-N66U router. I have installed Entware on a 2gb Flash disk with EXT2 partition without any error. Followed the guidelines for Entware installation from here. I have a 2TB USB External Harddisk (NTFS...
  20. elrengo

    [RT-AC3100] - Transmission error Install

    Hi! I bought a Asus RT-AC3100 router. Yesterday I installed the AsusWRT-Merlin Firmware (Stable Release: 380.58). I have attached to router 2 HDD. First in USB3 a Sonny 1TB (USB3), second in USB2 a old laptop 500GB using a Kingstong enclosure. In Sony I shared media to my Network, at this...