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  1. T

    RT-AC66U two openvpn servers. Don't work port forwarding when LAN only

    Hello! My router is RT-AC66U_B1 (FW Merlin AC68U 384.14_2) Two openvpn servers work on it: 1. TAP. My private computer connect and works well. Receive IP and have access to all LAN resources. On WEB interface I set - Client will use VPN to access LAN only. 2. TUN ( I...
  2. Ed B.

    Connecting two ASUS routers point to point via OpenVPN TUN and server can't ping client

    Spoiler: While I was putting together my question, I managed to come up with the right combination of configs to allow my two ASUS routers to talk to each other via OpenVPN TUN. I'm leaving my original question and final config out here for anyone else who is trying to do the same. I have...