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  1. M

    Firewall rule to allow only a specific domain name

    Behind my AX86U I am monitoring a device via SNMP. The SNMP manager initiates the communication by using a non-standard port. So I created a forwarding rule that redirects the non-standard port to the internal device. Something like this: external [diff UDP port] -> internal [snmp UDP 161]...
  2. Atais

    [Bug/Problem] Missing UDP packets on RT-AC68U breaks video sharing in Webex application

    Hello. This is a quite complicated issue so I will try to divide it in smaller parts to describe it as short and precise as possible. I have tried hard reset of the router, application, system etc. with no luck. 0. The problem Only when using my home network based on Asus RT-AC68U, for both...
  3. stevieosaurus

    Multiple OpenVPN clients: run in parallel, serial or alternative?

    I searched all over this forum & google but couldn't get one clear, straight answer, so here goes: If I activate multiple (2 or more) OpenVPN clients in my Merlin router admin interface, do these: 1. Run in parallel - some clients (local IPs) connect trough one VPN, others trough another VPN...
  4. G

    OpenVPN both TCP and UDP?

    Hi all. I have configured OpenVPN using UDP succesfully. But as I was found some countries block VPN based on port number and UDP so for some cases I need TCP on port 443. When I tried to copy configuration from working UDP one with changing UDP to TCP and port number to 443 the configuration...
  5. Val D.

    OpenVPN Client UDP connection issues (solved)

    Provider: NordVPN ISP Speed: 250/20Mbps (246/19Mbps real) OpenVPN TCP Speed: ~80/18Mbps OpenVPN UDP Speed: ~220/18Mbps Everything is configured properly and runs as expected except one thing: 220Mbps UDP connection king of chokes up with multiple open connections (torrents, for example). Once...
  6. rkk2025

    Constantly getting kernel: TCP: time wait bucket table overflow on RT-AC68U

    Hi, Lately my LAN seems to be collapsing every now and then. It usually ends with leaving me without internet for some minutes, or even makes it impossible to connect to the router itself (To the webpanel). The log gets usually spammed with "kernel: TCP: time wait bucket table overflow" during...
  7. B

    OpenVPN run TCP VPn and UDP VPn at the same time ?

    Hi, my vpn provider offers both TCP and UDP Vpn servers. Should I configure and activate both ? Eg TCP in Client 1 and UDP in Client 2 slots or do I just need to start one of them ? best regards Chris
  8. R

    BT MeetMe issues with 380.66_4 and RT-AC5300

    We use BT MeetMe for our company's audio conferencing needs. Unfortunately I am not able to join or host my meeting whenever I use my RT-AC5300 with Merlin at home. Doesn't also work with the latest Asus firmware for my router. If I bypass my home router and use my phone's data plan, I am...