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  1. M

    Unbound Unable to make Unbound work

    Hi all. I am trying to install Unbound on my AX-56U. I tried to install Unbound via amtm -> unbound_manager. I fulfilled all the pre-reqs and unbound is successfully installed with the default config. However, when I tried to dig @ -p 53535 google.com, it showed SERVFAIL status. ; <<>>...
  2. D

    Unbound DNSSec with unbound_manager?

    Hello, I'm using latest merlinwrt 388.1 on AX86U with unbound manager (v3.22) and can't get DNSSec to work :( With unbound turned on DNSSec validation is gone, please take a look at this example: admin@router:/tmp/home/root# dig @ +adflag example.org A ; <<>> DiG 9.18.1 <<>>...
  3. D

    Unbound Any idea on this error message from the installation process?

    My unbound manager install process crapped out today. The internet connection was disconnected during the install (not sure why). Now I couldn't uninstall/reinstall unbound manager... i even tried formatting the usb stick :( Screenshot attached if anyone could help! (I am a total noob so I...
  4. John DeLuca

    Unbound Unbound_Manager Reboot Issue

    Hello I currently have unbound set up as both my ipv4 and ipv6 DNS address, i have this set up by having the ip of my router being the ipv4/6 dns addresses. An issue i keep having is if I have things set up like this and the system reboots for any reason (I have been having power outages lately)...
  5. S

    Unbound How to add local DNS entries when using unbound-manager

    I need to be able to add some local DNS entries. Purpose is so I can resolve some local addresses when local, vs public IP when remote. So, normally, I would put these into a dnsmasq addn host file. But it seems that ping or dig to any address in those (including the ASUS hosts.dnsmasq file)...
  6. Yanik

    unbound vs VPN DNS

    Hi, Which one is better as Performance and Security?; 1) Using VPN connections DNS Server by setting DNS Exclusive at VPN clients settings page (Accept DNS Configuration). 2) Using installed unbound_manager by setting DNS Relaxed/Disabled at VPN clients setting page. Also little...