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    XT8 mesh and preferred uplink node

    I have a mesh network with 6 XT8 nodes , mainly due to thick walls with metal net in them. I.e. i need to do some radio planning to get a nice thruput on some nodes. Like this example where 4 had great signal from 3 as well as 6 sees 5 with great signal. 2,3,5 sees 1 with a nice signal. 1 (...
  2. I

    Asus AX88U OFDMA link question

    Hi I read that the first draft WiFi 6 routers from some companies like Netgear have OFDMA downlink but not uplink hence are not "true" WiFi 6 in all respects. I understand that AX88U has OFDMA downlink, and was wondering if AX88U has OFDMA uplink? If yes, is it working efficiently as per...