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  1. L

    RT-AX58U media server page blank

    New install, everything looked and worked properly. Then I plugged in a USB drive and set up Network Place (Samba), which worked fine. Next I decided to play with the media server setup, but that resulted in the mediaserver.asp page going blank. Rebooting doesn't help. The other tabs in the USB...
  2. GK59

    Attaching My Passport 3.0 on RT-AC86U (LAN only)

    I've had this drive for a few months now but never hooked it up to my router until now after upgrading from NT66U to my new AC86U. It's formatted in NTFS and plugged into the USB 3 slot of course and I have USB Application open and "Enable Share" is on, Samba Protocol is SMBv1+SMBv2 but unsure...
  3. Earthlark

    [RT-AC66U stock] Unable to access network share through backup programs

    I have a WD drive attached to the AC66U and shared through the USB Application - Network Place (Samba) Share / Cloud Disk. Drive is accessible through on a variety of computers (through Win (10) Explorer) and phones on network and using whatever user names I have set up on the AC66U. I am able...
  4. B

    Download Master makes me login after installing.

    Hi there. I have Asuswrt-Merlin RT-AC68U Firmware 380.65_4. Everything seems to be working fine until i tried downloading "Download Master"under USB Application. For some reason when i download the manager,after it installs successfully i click on the yellow arrow to open and i get the routers...