usb3 hdd

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  1. G

    OpenVPN server and HDD mount issue 380.69_2

    Dear All, I have recently installed Merlin on my AC68U as I needed a lightweight MySQL and WEB Server. SO now I am using Merling 380.69_2 which is a wonderful solution to not have an additional HW set up for the purpose! Up until then I was using the stock firmware and I never experienced the...
  2. Zentachi

    USB3 hdd on ac86u with Merlin FW

    I have an ac86u and I have a usb3 dock hard disk connected (disabled the interference option). It works correctly on Asus official firmware and I can indeed see speeds up to around 90 MB/s. I am accessing the shared hdd from Windows 10 x64 Pro machines either wired or wireless. I have updated...