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  1. S

    Encrypt Share Folders?

    Is there any way to add encryption for the AiDisk, and subsequent Share directories? It seems rather pointless having separate user directories, with separate passwords when it's easy enough to simply pull the USB stick out, and shove it in your computer's port. I believe EXT4 supports...
  2. G

    ASUS RT-N66U QoS Settings Missing?

    When trying to set up QoS settings for my RT-N66U, I watched videos where there we're many settings such as the drop down box of automatic mode etc and the user specify rule list: (Image from an ASUS tutorial video) However, when configuring my own router only these settings appear...
  3. sfx2000

    FAQ - Reserved Characters/Names - SSID/Passwords/Hostnames/Domains

    Maintaining/updating this list - I've tried to capture most of the characters/words/ranges to avoid - if there are more, please reply to this thread and I'll update the list... Changelist 08/9/22 - update for Thread IOT reserved HLD's (.home, .service) 08/11/19 - quick update about reserved...