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  1. ExtremeFiretop

    Seeking Feedback & Contributions: Merlin Auto Update Solutions

    Hello everyone! This is a continuation of the previous thread regarding the need for automatic firmware updates on Merlin. EDIT: --- THIS IS A PROJECT FOR ME AND FRIENDS ONLY --- Don't get the idea this is going to be offered on AMTM anytime soon, if anything I still need to learn the...
  2. W

    Restricting access to OpenVPN server via iptables

    Hi! I’m allowing access to my OpenVPN server only for predefined ipset via rewriting existing iptables rules using openvpn-event user script. What I’m currently doing: in openvpn-event I’m rewriting standard openvpn rule like: if iptables -C INPUT -p $proto -m $proto --dport $server_port -j...
  3. P

    How to send http request in user script?

    Hi, i have asus tuf ax3000, with AsusWrt Merlin firmware and i`m trying to send https request through user script. I have created file service-event and put it to the /jffs/scripts and make it executable,but for some reason my request hasn`t send, but script running every time when a service...
  4. N

    User Script needed to run Emby/Plex/Kodi outside of OpenVPN

    I currently have a script that works just fine for Aria & qBittorent...going through the OpenVPN tunnel via AirVPN. #!/bin/sh # /////////////////////////////// # // Tunnel 4 # /////////////////////////////// # Media Center - Aria iptables -I FORWARD -i tun14 -p udp -d --dport...