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  1. S

    same variable name in different bash scripts

    Hi! I have two different bash scripts. They perform independent tasks from each other, but can possibly run at the same time (during boot process). In both sripts there are variables (for instance to count loops). Can it cause confusion if both scripts use a varibale with the same name or does...
  2. AppleBag

    NVRAM Variable syntax question?

    I'm trying to edit the client_customlist variable and am a bit confused with the syntax; when I export it and then look at it, most of them end with 3 ">", like this: <S|GHome>E4:99:42:99:A6:99>0>23>>>> but there a re a couple that end with only 1, like this: <S|OL...
  3. D

    Where to create an environmental variable ?

    If you want to create an environmental variable with the "export" command, what script should it run from ?
  4. D

    How to iterate through multiple interface values in a variable ?

    To reduce the length of the firewall script, I'm trying to create one iptables rule that applies to multiple interfaces. For example ... Ext_INTF="eth0 usb0 tun0 tun1" iptables -A FORWARD -i $Ext_INTF -j DROP Instead of writing this rule three times with each interface, what is the most...