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  1. C

    Latency on ASUS AC88U? + BQM

    Hi guys! When using my ASUS router with Virgin Media Gig1 (Hub 4) in modem mode I seem to get increased latency. This takes my in-game ping from 10-15ms to 60-120ms. Is there anyway to reduce this other than ditch my ASUS router? Speeds are okay 950-1103Mbps down. Everything is wired CAT 7...
  2. Divader

    Possible RT-AC5300 performance degradation

    I'm struggling to find the root cause of home network issues that keep plaguing me ever increasingly. Not 100% sure but I think it was roughly around the time I went from stock to Merlin firmware in Jun 2020 that my issues began to arise. Also over this time I've gradually added a few more...
  3. E

    Tenda Nova MW6 running half speed

    Hi all. V limited networking experience/knowledge here so please bare with! I’ve set up the mesh system fine, with the ‘master’ unit connected via Ethernet to my Virgin Media hub. Two additional MW6 hubs set up all fine, and new ssid set up (to differentiate from my ISP ssid). Trouble is I’m...
  4. A

    Slow speeds and lag on new Asus 86U

    We recently got 362 down and 36 up fibre broadband with Virgin Media here in the UK. I ran a few speed tests when we first got the broadband modem and the speeds were exactly as advertised as long as you were in the same room as the modem. In my bedroom upstairs though, it would be halved...
  5. N

    ASUS RT-AC88U Disconnection problems.

    Hi, Since the new year, I have been having troubles with my RT-AC88U. The problem is that randomly (at least no pattern I've noticed) all devices in the house will lose connection. Wired and Wireless for anywhere between 5secs to 5mins. The internet still remains connected however nothing loads...
  6. P

    Should I buy the Linksys LGS308?

    Hi all, I currently have a small home network. Devices are as follows: Wired: TiVo V6 box (living room) TiVo V4 box (bedroom) LightwaveRF hub (G1 - plus 6 G1 devices wifi linked to the lightwaveRF hub) Apple TV G4 Work Laptop TV (not smart but linked for updates) Wifi: iPhone & iPad (plus guest...
  7. S

    Newbie would appreciate some assistance! (Virgin Media broadband, Asus RT-AC86U router)

    Hi, guys. Utterly clueless newbie, here. :oops: I've decided to throw myself on your mercy! o_O I've recently switched broadband provider, from BT (FTTC broadband) to Virgin Media (cable broadband), because I was looking for more speed. (I'm in the UK, there is no pure-fibre broadband provider...
  8. B

    Poor download speed over WiFi with Asus RT-AC3200

    I recently purchased an Asus RT-AC3200. I've now set it up, downloaded and installed the latest version of firmware from Asus and I'm not getting the download speeds over WiFi that I was expecting to get. The WiFi signal is strong (dB signal strength/attenuation figures are 2.4 GHz -52 dBm and...