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  1. B

    ASUS RT-AX86U and Gigafast

    I’ve recently bought an ax86u to replace the woeful Vodafone router on my 900 Gigafast package. However I was receiving roughly 600mbps wireless download speed using the Vodafone router and having switched to the ASUS router I’m now only receiving 150mbps download on wireless..! Any reason why...
  2. J

    RT-AX88U and VLAN Fibre

    Hi There, I recently purchased a new Asus RT-AX88U modem as my ISP (Vodafone) one kept disconnecting, and I can't seem to get it to connect to the internet. I've followed up with Vodafone but their tech support basically says they only support the Vodafone provided router and can't help me...
  3. OGroteKoning

    DIY Router with pfsense and fibrex

    So, because I was advised by Merlin and others on here to get a more powerful router … I got myself one of those HP 8200 SFF elite PCs and thought - build a router! It is way overkill but, for a reason. What I want to do is have a router that can manage multiple VPN connections without losing...
  4. D

    Disabling Firewall on Huawei HG658c

    Hi, I have a Huawei HG658c provided by Vodafone Ireland (ADSL) and I disabled its Firewall. I have a ASUS N66Ru plugged into LAN port 1 which provides the internet to the ASUS. When I connect ASUS to the WAN port of the Huawei, ASUS doesn’t get an internet connection. That’s the first question...
  5. C

    Vodafone Station Revolution weirdnesses

    hello i just changed provider and installed this router there are a couple of issues that i really can't fix and i hope some of you did it before so you can help me. the router create as usual one WIFI connection and one ethernet LAN connection... both of them with the same DHCP server...