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  1. C

    [?] Help with VPN Director+facebook+instagramm

    Hey there. I have RT-AC68U with 386_7.2 Have a problem to set the policy rules for facebook.com and instagram.com Tried countless number of addresses - the page is not loaded. I looked in the network console in the browser and took the ip address from there, but it didn’t help either. Can...
  2. J

    AC86U VPN issue 386.7.0

    I have a dedicated IP address with my vpn supplier. When the VPN client is enabled, the router reports the Public IP address in Merlin-Asus v386.5.2, however once I upgrade to 386.7.0 the VPN reports the public IP as "unknown". Once I downgrade to 386.5.2 and the Public address is reported...
  3. S

    IPv6 traffic not tunneld through VPN client

    Hi all, I am running ASUS-WRT Merlin, version 386.7 on my ASUS-RT-AX86U. My internet provider supports full dual-stack IPv6 and I have activated IPv6 on the router. Everything works fine. I have tested this at https://test-ipv6.com. When I turn on my VPN client, (Mullvad), The IPv4 traffic...
  4. D

    DNS leaks on VPN: best DNS servers, using dnsmasq and openvpn?

    I'm using ExpressVPN on Linux. The Linux box is my router. I have a few related questions: 1. Is it more private to use ExpressVPN's DNS servers or to use well-known privacy-friendly servers? 2. Is this page still reliable? Alternative DNS - WikiLeaks 3. Cloudflare ( gets good reviews...
  5. O

    Slow speed on devices NOT using OpenVPN.

    Hi, I'm having an odd issue with my network. Currently i have: RT-AC86U: 386.3_2 Connected to a router in modem mode using single WAN. OpenVPN set up, VPN provider PIA VPN director rule linking one client (laptop) to 1 VPN interface which is set to start on boot of router. If there is any...
  6. R

    Openvpn client not starting

    I have a RT-AC86U with Asuswrt Merlin 386.2_6 Since the latest firmware upgrade I'm having issues with the VPN client that is not starting any more. The log shows: Jun 29 22:45:33 rc_service: httpd 1150:notify_rc start_vpnclient5 Jun 29 22:45:34 openvpn: Starting OpenVPN client 5 failed! I...
  7. DaveInNepean

    Changing VPN Client

    Hello! I'm new to the forum and new to asuswrt-merlin as well. I wanted to be able to route only certain devices to a VPN, and since I've always been a fan of Asus routers, the path led to a new RT-AC86U, upgraded to ususwrt-merlin to get the selective routing capability. My setup all went...
  8. E

    VPN client dedicates for specific IP

    I have multiple computers at home with wired connections. My ISP connection is 500M/20M. The average speed with the VPN client turned on is 30M/20M. My son plays video games sometimes which is sensitive to the ping values. I assume that VPN connection may increase the value. Is possible to...