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  1. D

    Factory reset do to VPNFILTER

    I'm currently running the latest FW for my RT-AC1900P. Based upon the VPNFILTER malware, it has been recommended by Cisco Talos to reinitialize router to the factory settings, and reinstall the latest FW and settings. If I back the router setting (before resetting to the original factory FW)...
  2. G

    RT-N66U and VPNFilter - Firmware?

    Today the RT-N66U was added to the list of routers known to be affected by the VPNFilter malware. What are folks doing about updating firmware for the RT-N66U to deal with VPNFilter? It appears with a date of May 15, 2018, is the most recent firmware but I haven't found much...
  3. J

    How to remove all malware?

    As far as we know, the VPNFilter malware doesn't currently put ASUS routers at risk, but the FBI believes it was created by a Russian state-sponsored cyber espionage group, so we can assume attackers are gunning for all SOHO routers. Q1. How could you remove all malware from a router? I.e. how...