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  1. sfx2000

    CVE-2024-3094 - XZ Utils Backdoor - addtional info

    This had some traction over in AsusWRT-Addon's thread... I would post there, but the thread was closed. A couple of good write ups and analysis for this CVE are below...
  2. T

    NetUSB vulnerability on official Asus Firmware (RT and DSL Versions)

    Hi, I'm posting about this here as I can't find extended answer to my question anywhere and yes, I found an old answer regarding this question from 2015 and it lacks a lot of context and I'm not confident about it, also many things could have changed since then. Since NetUSB vulnerability have...
  3. B

    AsusWRT Compromised in recent vulnerability, we’re Merlin builds affected.

    I didn’t find a post on this already and if there is, please forgive me and I’ll delete this. We’re devices with Merlins build installed also compromised?
  4. D

    ASUS F/W and 50702 OpenVPN passwords are "-"

    I have a number of ASUS routers I have updated to firmware versions or 50702 - these are typically older routers like the single core AC66U/R, N66U/R, AC1750, etc. With the these two firmware versions, the OpenVPN passwords are hidden in the Username/Password table, and a "-"...
  5. U

    [Mikrotik] Advisory: Vulnerability exploiting the Winbox port Quoted in full: We have discovered a new RouterOS vulnerability affecting all RouterOS versions since v6.29. How it works: The vulnerability allowed a special tool to connect to the Winbox port, and request the system user database file...
  6. I

    Widespread Asus Router issues?

    Hello! Starting late last night we started seeing people with Asus routers, the AC87 in particular, having issues connecting to the Internet almost as if it was a DNS issue, but not. Seems to be affecting this model regardless of the ISP the user has, the DNS used, and even on routers...
  7. T

    Asus RT Router Models Are Vulnerable to Simple Hacks

    Hi Merlin, I came across this news report that certain models of Asus router may have some vulnerabilities. I'm not much of a technical person so I think I'd rather just point you to the said report:
  8. F

    RT-AC87U vulnerability 380.65

    Hi, guys! I found vulnerability in RT-AC87U router insertion. WPS is disconnected. But when using wifislax and the Wifite2 program I see that wps is disconnected only at 2.4 GHz. WPS of 5 GHz works and this vulnerability is successfully operated. I received the password of wpa2 in open form. I...
  9. Julio Urquidi

    Security Concerns Rise As Apple Cuts QuickTime Support

    Trend Micro’s Simply Security blog warned QuickTime for Windows users not to throw caution to the wind and prompting readers to uninstall Apple’s now unsupported video player. Over the weekend, the blog noted two recently announced critical advisories, posted on Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative...