wan aggregation

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  1. devinrhode2

    How to achieve xfinity multi-gig "Gigabit extra" 1200mbps connection

    TL;DR: If you have a router with a 2.5g wan port, and a modem with a 2.5g port, and you go into asus router settings and run a speed test from the router directly to modem, and you aren't seeing the full speeds your ISP says you're capable of, then you can: 1. Call your ISP, be a karen...
  2. BreakingDad

    Wan aggregation virgin superhub 5

    Has anyone got wan aggregation working off a superhub 5? I tried using the 2.5gb port and Lan 4 on the asus to hub in modem mode and it failed. I'm thinking perhaps the hub doesn't support it without adding in additional switches etc. Reason I ask is my speed is supposed to be 1130 , and on...
  3. vstevenphan

    wan aggregation function on ASUS router

    Hi mate, I'm using the ASUS AX58U router now. I know it has Dual WAN, but turning on DUAL WAN lead to many problems. Many services do not accept traffic from 2 IPs at the same time. I also do not how to solve this problem probably. I heard the latest model of ASUS has a higher end has WAN...
  4. readme


  5. H

    RT-AC86U WAN Aggregation support in Merlin

    Tried finding a solution but not much luck. It appears the default firmware from Asus on the RT-AC86U support WAN Aggregation (WAN Port and LAN 4). However, in Merlin not finding this option. I am running 384.19. Is this planned in a future release? I'd hate to go back to the stock Asus...
  6. sfx2000


    This is rather interesting... OpenMPTCProuter use MultiPath TCP (MPTCP) to really aggregate multiple Internet connections and OpenWrt. https://www.openmptcprouter.com/ Here's one example...
  7. Merlin_KM

    Looking to go AX and aggregate WAN ports to an SB8200

    Hello! First time posting, so please excuse any oversights! I'm looking to upgrade to AX with one of the options currently available. At the same time, I have a Gigabit plan with Xfinity/Comcast through an SB8200 cable modem. My ultimate goal is to aggregate the 2 ports on the SB8200 to an AX...
  8. kc6108

    NETGEAR "Stealthily" Releases the Nighthawk X6S R7960P

    The R7960P is now listed on Netgear's website. I was a beta tester for this router. https://www.netgear.com/home/products/networking/wifi-routers/R7960P.aspx https://www.netgear.com/support/product/R7960P.aspx This is a Costco exclusive, and is available for sale on their website right now...